The Power of a Centralized Commerce Hub

Businesses are always in search of optimal solutions to streamline processes and maximize revenue. Adopting a centralized wholesale platform is a key strategy. In our eBook, Transforming Your Wholesale Software into a Centralized Hub, we explore key components, top features, and a checklist for finding the right B2B solution. Discover the transformative impact of centralization on B2B operations and revolutionize your wholesale strategy. Let's delve into key insights that reshape your approach to business.


The Outdoor Industry’s Creative Approach to Solving Inventory Glut

This blog explores creative strategies outdoor and sports brands can employ to mitigate the costs of excess inventory.


For Retailers

The latest retail news, tips, and sales strategies in a digital era.

How Assortments Can Transform Retail Buying, Item Setup & Attribution

Businesses around the globe have heard buying is a science. NuORDER's CEO, Health Wells, says there's another major factor to consider.  “The reality is: there’s an art piece to this,” he said at the Global Department Store Summit (GDSS)

GDSS, an industry-forward discussion platform for departmental stores, featured industry leaders in its 2022 event to discuss the future of retail buying. 

Health Wells spoke about the problems in retail and how Assortments can help create an effective and efficient process. Here are his key takeaways from the event.


2023 Holiday Retail Trends


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