Case Study: How Klean Kanteen Went Lean and Green to Optimize Their Wholesale Business

In this case study, we discuss how Klean Kanteen's partnership with NuORDER helps them accomplish goals that align with their core values while simultaneously building better relationships with retailers.

Since 2004, Klean Kanteen has strived to provide high-quality products while maintaining the lowest impact on the environment. When they recognized that the traditional paper wholesale ordering system they were using was costly, out of date, and most definitely not eco-friendly, they sought out a digital solution that could improve these aspects of their business. In this case study, we discuss how their partnership with NuORDER helps them accomplish this goal while also aligning with their core values and helps them establish better relationships with their retailers.

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For a few takeaways from the case study, check out the highlights below:

Out With The Old, In With The New

Retailers today compete at incredibly high speeds to keep up with the needs of their customers. In-kind, brands can also update their catalogs at similarly high speeds to meet demand; that is if their catalog allows. By utilizing the NuORDER platform, Klean Kanteen removes paper catalogs which could require an entire reprint to update the latest styles, and swallow up customer service time to manually inputting orders and correcting human error in manual ordering processes. Now, the digital catalogs and line sheets offer real-time updates that allow retailers to order stock in confidence knowing that it’s available.

A Digital Revamp

Klean Kanteen notes that NuORDER’s visually functional interface makes it easy to create inventory lists that are curated for specific retailers, for retailers to place orders on their own, and removes the back and forth involved with traditional ordering systems. In doing so, customer service time has been freed up to focus on building relationships instead of inputting orders, while also improving order turnaround time from a week to a significantly reduced turnaround time of 72 hours. This streamlined process results in an overall increase in orders and reorders for Klean Kanteen due to always accessible and intuitive ordering placement system.

“The time went from potentially 15 minutes for a small order or maybe 30 minutes to hand key in a large order down to a minute or less, so we’re saving an enormous amount of time. The nature of the customer service team’s responsibilities have changed to be more proactive, which I would say, is the number one value.”

Marketing Product Launches

By making use of NuORDER's digital landing pages and campaign tools, Klean Kanteen is able to create engaging pitches that attract clients to new product launches as soon as they are announced. Before, Klean Kanteen mainly marketed new products during tradeshow season, limiting their ability to keep up with trends and push new products on their own schedule. NuOrder’s digital showroom makes it easy for retailers and Klean Kanteen to stay connected and ultimately provide the best and most relevant merchandise for customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Klean Kanteen optimizes their wholesale business and reduces environmental impact through B2B eCommerce platform NuORDER, find the full case study here.

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