Why Outdoor Retailers Need a Better Way to Buy

Learn how the right B2B ecommerce solution can serve the unique needs of outdoor brands and retailers.

Outdoor brands often serve a diverse set of retailers with distinct price structures, assortments, customers, and needs. To succeed in wholesale, brands require an easy-to-use platform with custom tools to meet their needs. That’s why NuORDER is designed with retailers in mind – to make the wholesale process easier for everyone.

Here are a few reasons why outdoor retailers need a better way to buy.

1. Buyers Have Distinct Needs

NuORDER allows you to control the products and assortments your retail clients see. Let’s say your brand can be found in department stores, major specialty outdoor stores, and small specialty shops.

WIth NuORDER, you can use our centralized platform to manage all of your accounts in one place while offering different collections and products to different retailers with custom linesheets, lists, pricing, and discounts. All this helps you meet the unique needs of your retail buyers on a case-by-case basis if you so choose.

Take for example, you’d like to offer the same merchandise to retailers with differentiated prices and terms, you can easily do this with our customized price sheets. 

  • Edit the pricing information
  • Manually add a few individual retailers or bulk upload an entire batch 
  • When buyers view your assortments, they’ll only see prices that are personalized to them

2. Buyers Crave A Unified, and Stress-Free Buying Experience

While you can share custom offerings in NuORDER, our platform works the same way across all industries, products, and brands. This means buyers won’t waste time learning to navigate the nuances of your B2B eCommerce presence. They can log in, work efficiently, and move on with their to-do lists. They won't need to store hundreds of different login portals to buy, instead, they can simply buy straight from shoppable linesheets. Alternatively, they can log into NuORDER and buy from several outdoor brands all from one, unified, B2B buying portal.

How does this benefit your brand?

Reduce the stress of buying for your retail partners. At the same, track and manage all your orders within the NuORDER portal seamlessly.

Last year, we launched a partnership with Grassroots Outdoor Alliance (GOA) to help independent outdoor retailers grow and thrive. With tools for collaborative commerce, hybrid selling, custom assortments, and more – all within a centralized platform, it’s become the preferred wholesale platform for some of the most notable independent outdoor shops in the country.

3. Retailers Need to Understand Your Products and Brand 

Help drive more business with a virtual showroom for in-person, virtual, or hybrid selling. Virtual showrooms mimic real-world buying experiences to simplify the process for buyers and encourage deeper exploration into the world of your brand.

Strategize with your marketing, merchandising, and sales team, then experiment with drafts of how your showroom could look. There’s so much that can be customized, but it’s best to focus only on the elements you need. 

Virtual showroom possibilities include:

  • Branded homepage 
  • International size and fit guides
  • Moodboards and inspiration 
  • Collection videos, designer or founder interviews, influencer content 
  • Featured SKUs
  • Shoppable photos and videos 
  • 360-degree images
  • Marketing campaigns 
  • Press 
  • Instagram feed
  • ...and more.

When you create a virtual showroom with NuORDER, you can be sure it will be both easy to navigate and shop for buyers, and easy for you to add/remove content and move elements around. 

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NuORDER is a B2B eCommerce platform and marketplace, connecting retailers and brands and streamlining the wholesale process for virtual, hybrid, and in-person market appointments. The NuORDER platform offers a seamless and collaborative way to do business with interactive and customizable solutions, easy payments, real-time inventory insights, comprehensive data, and more for increasingly informed buying and sales decisions.

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