The Ins and Outs of Your B2B eCommerce Platform

Read for a quick guide to the constituent parts of a B2B eCommerce platform. Learn what makes a platform strong, so you can use it to your advantage.

A strong B2B eCommerce platform functions a bit like a watch: it has a lot of moving parts, but operates with a singular mission. Your mission is to sell to buyers and distributors — but you can expand your ability to sell when you know the constituent parts that make a B2B eCommerce platform tick. Here’s a glossary of the moving parts you’ll need to know about.


Showrooms are where you can display any merchandised product. In a traditional retail environment, it might have been the place where you would “wine and dine” a client. In the digital world, showrooms should include easy-to-browse product listings, images, and videos. Within NuORDER, you can create linesheets and whiteboards to replicate the live experience.


Distributors work with brands to ensure their products can be sold to new markets. These markets often need to know what you have to offer, which is why working with distributors means you’ll always need to have key documentation handy: inventory, sizes, and any shelf-relevant technical specifications. Your B2B platform can be a place to find this documentation and streamline the buying process for distributors.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are public events (though increasingly held digitally) where you can sell to new and current accounts alike. Although they’re ostensibly for showing off your wares, trade shows are equally beneficial for people who need to build in-person relationships with buyers and distributors. Trade show features in your B2B platform make it possible for buyers to place their orders both during or after an in-person meeting.

Wholesale Marketplaces

A wholesale marketplace, much like a trade show, is a place to connect. But they’re especially useful for brands who want to introduce themselves to new buyers. That means brands should bring as much information as they can, like clean linesheets and imagery of the products they want to sell. 

A wholesale marketplace can be a bit overwhelming for buyers, which is why your best bet is to emphasize what makes your brand unique. What are the key differentiators that make you stand out within your niche? NuORDER Marketplace also helps you establish a brand “storefront” that serves as an introduction to your brand, including:

  • An online immersive virtual showroom, including shoppable videos, 360° imagery, and product hotspots
  • The ability to create country-specific pricing and discounts — especially useful for differentiation in local markets
  • Within the NuORDER marketplace, you can sync products and track inventory to ensure that new buys won’t create havoc throughout your systems

B2B Platform

A B2B platform provides the structure your brand needs to supplement everything above. It’s an informative place for your buyers to seek out size guides, product specifications, and info sheets, for example. This functionality reduces the strain on your workforce and allows buyers to help themselves. Sales reps won’t have to travel to see their accounts but instead can hold virtual appointments while walking accounts through a B2B portal that includes all the information the buyer could possibly need.

With a B2B portal like NuORDER, you can make products available wholesale so it often feels like they sell themselves. On the customer’s end, the enhanced visibility makes for a better buying experience. The result is more sales, better customer relationships, and reduced overhead for your business.

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