When to Invest Deeper Into Your B2B eCommerce Platform

As customer demand changes, it’s important to scale your business to meet new buyer expectations. Discover why you may need to invest in a new B2B platform and how it can help your business scale.

It’s smart to scale a business while adapting to shifting customer demands. To scale, you may need a new digital platform. To adapt to changing demands, you may need a nimbler B2B transaction process. 

An upgrade in your B2B platform is a no-brainer, but it also requires the upfront cost of switching over. How can you be confident in the ROI this platform can bring to your sales?

Signs you need to invest

Confidence starts with understanding your B2B selling needs. If you’re experiencing any growing pains due to outdated digital platforms, you may notice there are signs that an upgrade will provide an immediate boost to the bottom line. Let’s consider some of the following “growing pains” that hint at your need to reinvest in your business:

Pain point #1: Not keeping up with orders

If your business struggles with inventory reports, you may notice that you can’t always facilitate a customer with high-volume needs. With proper inventory reports, you can accurately order new products to prevent delays.

Pain point #2: Failing to meet buyer expectations

What if buyers want flexible/bulk pricing on an order? If you can’t offer dynamic pricing, your B2B customers may go elsewhere—including competitors who do offer dynamic pricing as part of their package.

Pain point #3: Neglecting global expansion and reach

If you have an opportunity to sell across currencies and time zones, can you handle it? If not, a digital platform upgrade will provide an immediate ROI, giving you the capability to expand the number of customers you can handle.

Why a B2B eCommerce platform can help you scale

Even if you aren’t experiencing any of these pain points, a capable B2B eCommerce platform can transform your business and provide immediate returns. Let’s look at some of the most obvious benefits of a digital upgrade:

  • Multi-channel selling. Seventy-three percent of consumers now report using both offline and online channels to discover and purchase products. If your digital platform doesn’t support multi-channel selling—syncing your inventory reports across shoppable videos and simple online orders, for example—then it’s not doing enough to meet the requirements of the modern B2B buyer.
  • Building brand credibility. Multi-channel selling also helps build your credibility due to creating multiple touchpoints as potential buying opportunities. This helps you provide convenience while reducing buyer friction—expanding your potential reach. The more touchpoints your buyer experiences, the more they’ll remember your products.
  • Creating more “shopability.” Today’s buyer expects to see a product and to buy it with only a click or two. You can create more “shopability” with EZ orders, turning assets like linesheets into shoppable, one-click experiences. Whether the customer downloads the linesheet in a beautifully-designed, printable template—or simply orders directly from the linesheet—you’ll optimize every touchpoint for more sales.

Scale your B2B platform now

You shouldn’t reinvest in your business until you’re confident that the investment will be well worth it. But with features like EZ Orders in tow, an upgrade to NuORDER’s digital platform should go beyond confidence. It can provide you with opportunities to scale your platform, respond to changing customer demands, and build a more memorable brand.

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