Tribal Sportswear's Journey to a 23% YoY Surge in Buyer Submitted Sales

Follow Tribal Sportswear's data-driven journey with NuORDER by Lightspeed for informed decisions and powerful B2B marketing.

Despite their longstanding success, Tribal Sportswear knew they needed one key piece to take their business to the next level— access to essential data to tailor their offerings and expand their business. This prompted their collaboration with NuORDER by Lightspeed, giving Tribal Sportswear invaluable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions and enhance their engagement with buyers.

Meet the Brand


Tribal Sportswear is a Montreal-based apparel brand creating comfortable and stylish collections for women, for over 50 years. With a focus on consistent fit, style, and comfort, the brand ensures women feel their best at over 2,000 specialty boutiques and online retailers across North America.

The Opportunity

Lack of data hinders planning, outreach, and segmentation efforts

Tribal sportswear lacked access to data necessary for informed business decisions. They were expanding and needed tools to improve their sales forecasting, streamline their selling, and enable broader buyer outreach. Moreover, understanding the significance of segmentation in reaching buyers, Tribal Sportswear recognized that tailoring products to individual preferences increased the likelihood of boosting sales.

Initially, they grappled with a manual operational approach. Their previous email campaigns required more robust segmentation but depended on labor-intensive marketing tools. The lack of integrative tools posed a challenge in collecting essential data. Tribal Sportswear needed the ability to identify past sales success and develop financial plans and targeted campaigns responsive to previous trends. With this in mind, Tribal Sportswear sought the right technology partner to help them achieve data clarity, operational efficiency, and a new and improved B2B marketing strategy. 

The Solution

Better access to data for informed decisions and stronger buyer relationships

NuORDER by Lightspeed and Tribal Sportswear hit the ground running, aiming to tackle their most crucial task: gaining access to reporting features that would provide critical information. Leveraging NuORDER by Lightspeed, Tribal Sportswear utilized trend reports to refine financial plans, enhance segmentation efforts, and expand outreach. 

"We've experienced cost-effective savings with NuORDER by Lightspeed. Analysis has especially saved a lot of time to understand what is happening and helps to direct our conversations.


Utilizing year-over-year data from NuORDER by Lightspeed's Reports, Tribal Sportswear became more proactive in sales forecasting. The Reporting suite offers one-click access to buyer activity and order history reports. Analyzing and incorporating insights from this data to build sales forecasts based on "buyer submitted orders" reports, Tribal Sportswear developed financial templates and analytical tools to improve sales. Tribal Sportswear leveraged these tools to hit weekly, monthly, and quarterly targets. 

"We've created financial templates and analytical tools that we update regularly by using NuORDER's reporting data as the basis; we're able to pinpoint specific merchandising trends and customer behavior, which helps guide our homepage updates, campaign strategies, banner visuals, increase style sell-through performances and boost our marketing metrics such as email open rates/conversions."


Seamless access to critical sales data has empowered Tribal Sportswear to develop tools to update and hone their go-forward business strategies. This holistic utilization of NuORDER by Lightspeed's Reports has been instrumental in increasing sales through a well-informed and successful B2B marketing strategy.

To stay front and center of buyers' minds, Tribal Sportwear developed a cadence of sending three finely tuned B2B marketing campaigns a week to meet the sales targets established in their financial planning. They accomplished this through NuORDER by Lightspeed’s Campaigns, a tool that allows businesses to send and track curated product emails. Tribal sent Custom Linesheets via email, allowing buyers to easily submit orders directly from their inboxes.

Blog_TribalSportswear_Campaigns (1)

Here are examples of their most successful campaigns:

  • As new items hit the warehouse, linesheets were swiftly sent to buyers who still needed to take advantage of specific in-season styles, driving repeat business.
  • Their team capitalized on emerging trends by featuring best sellers in a "top 3" category in their linesheets
  • They created “free shipping” promotions on campaigns which gained popularity and brought in many orders.

To further optimize their campaign efforts, linesheets were tailored regionally so US and Canadian retailers were shown prices in their respective currencies and received up-to-date inventory data from their regional warehouses. This simple yet effective tactic truly sharpened their segmentation and outreach efforts and provided ease to the buying process by alleviating any barriers to accurate data.


The Results

By tapping into the power of data, Tribal Sportswear discovered a winning strategy. The data-informed financial and marketing plans, continuous communications with their database, streamlined ordering capabilities, and segmentation boosted their outreach efforts, resulting in an impressive increase in buyer-submitted orders (BSO), soaring 23% since the previous year. The partnership between Tribal Sportswear and NuORDER by Lightspeed has upgraded the brand's approach to their B2B business, marking a pivotal chapter in their journey toward sustained success.

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