How Maurizio Mykonos reaps the rewards of year-round sales — and a major competitive advantage in the US

Discover how the luxury brand Maurizio Mykonos used NuORDER by Lightspeed to gain new wholesale accounts in the US and boost profitability throughout the year.

The luxury Italian fashion brand, Maurizio Mykonos, wanted to build a wholesale presence in the US to expand their network beyond Europe. They realized NuORDER by Lightspeed would be the perfect partner to help them reach their goal. 

Meet the Brand: Maurizio Mykonos


Maurizio Mykonos is designed by Aikaterini Ifigenia Kalafati. The designer was born in Egypt to a family of Greek heritage with Egyptian influences, and her father was a second-generation Greek textile factory owner in Egypt. In the midst of this cultural crossroads, she developed an early curiosity for the fabrics, textures, and mixed traditions of her surroundings. Aikaterini experimented with fabrics in her father's factory and continued her studies in Rome, where she met her husband and founded Maurizio Mykonos in the mid-1990s. Today, Maurizio Mykonos is sold in over 150 boutiques around the world.

Luxurious Collections

Maurizio Mykonos draws inspiration from the heritage of its founders and the concept of conscious fashion. Collections feature locally made, sustainable fabrics, blended with Asia Minor lace, just as their families have created for centuries. Each piece is carefully crafted with detail, intertwining the tactile delight of fine linen with the intricate allure of delicate lace. Maurizio Mykonos is inspired by the magic of Mykonian architecture and the breathtaking beauty of its landscapes, and infuses each collection with the spirit of the island. 

LuxuriousCollectionsThe Opportunity 

Gain new wholesale accounts in the US

Maurizio Mykonos is an Italian fashion brand sold in stores around the world, with a significant presence throughout Europe. They aimed to expand the womenswear brand beyond the continent by making a concentrated effort on gaining new wholesale accounts in the US. 

The Solution 

Partner with the right wholesale platform

The Maurizio Mykonos team found their association with a well-known and reliable wholesale eCommerce partner — NuORDER by Lightspeed, to be the perfect solution. Now when they meet prospects at trade shows, buyers immediately understand they use the industry’s best wholesale processes and standards, including reliable inventory data, well-merchandised buying experiences, curated linesheets, easy note-taking, and simple management for orders and deliveries. Buyers also feel confident about NuORDER by Lightspeed’s partnerships with major retailers, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and David Jones and its excellent reputation.


The Opportunity 

Boost profitability outside of market weeks 

Without an “always-on” wholesale eCommerce platform to sell from around the world, brands often experience major dips in revenue outside of major market weeks and trade shows. Maurizio Mykonos wanted a digital B2B presence to rise above slower months and seasonal fluctuations.

The Solution 

Offer an easy and desirable way to place mid-season buys

Now that Maurizio Mykonos sells via NuORDER by Lightspeed, buyers place orders all year long. The team enjoys nurturing ongoing, year-round relationships with buyers who use their wholesale portal to order mid-season replenishments and dig deeper into their collections at their convenience. 

MidseasonBuysThey’ve also started using NuORDER by Lightspeed to start scaling. For example, the Maurizio Mykonos team no longer sends manual emails with attachments of collection photos. Instead, they use NuORDER Campaigns to track the movements of potential accounts and to gain a better understanding of what they seek. The team goes on to use those insights to hone their sales strategies accordingly. 

Maurizio Mykonos also used to share essential order information via photos of handwritten notes. This led to a host of issues including typos in SKUs and shipping addresses, paperwork submission delays — and the occasional lost order. Today they have NuORDER by Lightspeed’s fast, seamless, and reliable order capturing system. It’s the perfect solution to meet their needs as they scale. 

The Results 

Today, Maurizio Mykonos uses NuORDER by Lightspeed’s comprehensive B2B tool to gain a competitive advantage at trade shows, improve the buying experience for current clients, and enjoy greater revenue from orders placed all year long. Their B2C site links to their custom NuORDER website to attract new wholesale relationships and bring ease to existing clients. The Maurizio Mykonos team also promotes their custom NuORDER website at trade shows, in team members’ email signatures, in their marketing materials, and more, establishing a strong brand identity at every touchpoint.

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