[Whitepaper]: The Best Brands Are Doing It: Collaborate with Buyers for Mutual Success

Join us for a preview of our latest Whitepaper on building a collaborative wholesale business with your retail buyers.

Collaboration is the game of the name for wholesale success in 2021. Our latest Whitepaper The Best Brands Are Doing It: Collaborate with Buyers for Mutual Success breaks down how brands can go digital to encourage vitally important and collaborative partnerships with retail buyers. 

What you'll learn:


Developing a collaborative wholesale business strategy


Selecting digital solutions that are mutually beneficial


Ideas for encouraging buyer adoption of B2B solutions

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Here's a preview of topics we'll be covering:

The Buyer's Perspective

Buyers interact with countless brands on a day-to-day basis. For many, miscommunication and lack of follow through unfortunately become the norm in business interactions.

How will your brand stand out? 

Start with getting to know the buyers pain points in the wholesale distribution process and introduce them to a mutually-beneficial wholesale strategy. 

Common pain-points to consider:

  • Unclear, ununified order placement process
  • Cumbersome payment options that lack flexibility
  • Customizable visual merchandising - online

Brands Who Are Making Digital Work

LA-based handbag brand, Hammitt, transitioned their wholesale business entirely online at the beginning of the pandemic.

Armed with the right B2B tools for their business, they sought to:

  • Maintain and nurture buyer relationships remotely
  • Reduce order entry error while integrating their ERP system

Thanks to a combination of Zoom and NuORDER, the brand was able to maintain their buyer partnerships and grow their business with an increase in sales despite a challenging business climate. With a blend of buyers being 60% major retailers and 40% specialty stores, they were able to onboard their sales team, marketing team, and sales reps onto NuORDER with ease and achieve positive results for their wholesale business.

Danish sustainable apparel brand Minimum leveraged NuORDER EZ Orders, customized linesheets, and virtual showrooms to share their brand story with buyers through online sales appointments.

With NuORDER comprehensive stack of B2B tools, they were able to

  • Organize key collections by season
  • Share customized linesheets with buyers
  • Highlight looks with 360-degree video
  • Add shoppable hotspots to their B2B portal
  • Centralize communication with buyers

By giving their buyers an immersive and interactive online buying experience, the brand was able to grow their revenue by 200% in 3 out of 4 markets.


Relationships are a critical aspect of the wholesale business. By implementing digital solutions that enable personalization, collaborative workflows, and visualization, brands and retailers can reach their goals in a mutually-beneficial way.

Features to look for in a collaborative B2B eCommerce solution:

  • Custom lists: private linesheets with offerings tailored for specific buyers
  • Whiteboarding: merchandise and plan assortments in real time with styling recommendations over live calls
  • Virtual Showrooms: fully branded, interactive online portals to view collections, enabled shoppable hotspots
  • Flexible payment options: enable split by shipment, multiple payment methods, and global currencies

You can learn more about collaborative commerce in our new whitepaper by clicking here or the banner below.

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