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Dive into NuORDER University, our interactive and guided learning platform for mastering online wholesale.

We’re excited to launch NuORDER University, our guided learning program for how to use our platform.  Learn through involvement with interactive courses that educate and evaluate your platform knowledge to master digital wholesale today.

Dive into everything you need to know about:

Below, we’ll give you a preview of the topics covered.

What Is Our Retail Partnership Program?

If your brand sells through one of our exclusive retail partners, you’re in the right place. NuORDER University features an interactive course that will walk you through the on-boarding process from start to finish, so you can have a successful market appointment.

Here’s what the Retail Partnership Program course outlines:

  • How it works: Uploading product images, data, and linesheets into NuORDER to share with Retail Buyers
  • Getting prepared: Fill out a spreadsheet template with style numbers, colors, and names
  • Uploading key data: Learn image file naming conventions, uploading via dropbox, bulk upload, and more
  • Linesheet guidance: Learn different methods for creating linesheets via Product Gallery and Linesheet Tab
  • Custom lists: Create private assortments for specific retailers and share them as an EZ Order, PDF, or XLSX file
  • Buyer experience: See how the buyer views your brand and how they use the assortment tool
  • Building a homepage: Prepare your brand homepage with widgets, links to linesheets, and links to social accounts

Our Exclusive Retail Partners Include:

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Partners-Retail_Logos-Bloomingdales Partners-Retail_Logos-GOA

Digital Trade Shows

We’ve held several digital trade events in partnership with Informa Markets over the last year, and have many upcoming events planned as well. Digital trade shows are a great way to find and connect with wholesale buyers worldwide. Much like an entirely in-person event, there’s some work to be put in to really make the most of your experience.

Here’s what the Digital Trade Show course outlines:

  • Creating your booth: Learn about supported content types, tips for communicating your brand story and more
  • Creating linesheets: How to upload your product data and share it with buyers worldwide
  • Interacting with buyers: Learn how buyers send connection requests and setting product visibility by connections
  • Managing orders: View working orders, draft orders, and order allocation by season, department, or category
  • Advanced topics: Dive into prepacks, inventory data, Dropbox Integration, custom branding, min/max rules, custom lists, and swatches

Explore our Live & Upcoming Events:

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Master the NuORDER Platform

Learn how to make the most of your brand portal from start to finish with our Admin 101 courses

Part 1 breaks down what you’ll need to build your portal:

  • Product data: Dive into our product data template to create impactful and visual representations of your products
  • Customer data: Import customer data (contacts) by uploading existing retailer and buyer records
  • Linesheets: Learn the methods for creating linesheets and best practices 
  • Virtual Showrooms: Learn about creating engaging sites and pages

Part 2 helps you understand the five categories of Brand Admin

  • Data: Manages the primary data uploads for your portal including product data and inventory data
  • Imagery & Media: Manages settings and configurations regarding graphical representation of products
  • Settings: Manages configuration options regarding platform preferences and operational configurations
  • Product Catalog Settings: Settings and configuration for your Product Catalog, make adjustments to the way your products display to Buyers and Sales Reps. 
  • Users: Access this section to manage your users. Here you can create new users and assign roles.

NuORDER University is here to help you make the most of your experience on our platform. Whether you're in our retail partnership program, digital trade show, or managing your entire wholesale business on our platform, we're here to give you the educational resources needed to get started. Click below to get started:

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