How to Support Retailers in a Post-Pandemic World

In this post, learn how your brand can support your retail partners in a post-pandemic world as we explore current wholesale pain points and solutions.

The world is opening up, but there’s no going back to the old ways of doing business. Buyers have new expectations for this post-pandemic world and the wholesale industry has changed. Complement virtual and physical appointments with game-changing digital tools.

Enhance your wholesale appointments with digital to:

  • Save time
  • Streamline ordering
  • Improve accuracy
  • Create convenience
  • Produce storytelling experiences
  • Share personalized assortments
  • and more.

Streamline the Ordering Process

Adding ease to the sales process is one of the best ways to support retailers and strengthen your relationships. Use a centralized B2B eCommerce platform so buyers can view your collections, and buy and plan in one place. It will speed up the buying process while increasing accuracy/reducing errors and improving communication. Share the portal to your B2B eCommerce platform so buyers can access your virtual showroom, linesheets, shoppable, high quality visuals from one convenient resource. They’ll be able to log on anytime, 24/7 to peruse key pieces, review prices and delivery dates and save or place orders. It’s a time-saving tool too. Whether you’re meeting with buyers in person or online, the right digital tools will help you focus on the most important elements and speed up appointment times.

"The leap the industry made in 2020 to accept digital as a crucial means of brand-retailer relationships gives retailers and brands more time to focus on finding great product instead of dealing with all the inefficiencies involved in the traditional order writing–and–taking process."


Create Personalized Assortments

Consumers aren’t the only cohort craving personalization. When you offer personalized assortments to buyers, you help them excel in their careers while improving your wholesale business. You can also offer unique products via custom lists, private linesheets tailored to specific buyers. Offer exclusives or limited edition items so buyers can introduce newness, delight shoppers and improve sell-through. Successful exclusives, capsule collections and other special-edition merchandise opportunities are also effective for increasing awareness and loyalty for both retailers and brands.

Focus on highly-personalized service and leverage data to anticipate buyers’ needs. You can help buyers improve their forecasts, increase sell-through and save time – all while developing meaningful partnerships. 

“Think of what we’re missing from an in-person experience and translate that virtually. Trying to get all of that information ahead of time is really important so you’re able to answer questions and really speak to the fit.” 


Offer Flexible Payment Options

It's no secret that retailers are looking for flexible ways to buy.

With advanced B2B technology, such as NuORDER Payments, makes it easy to do just that. Buyers can pay from anywhere in the world and you can accept credit card payments and offer split payments, pay-upon-shipping, and more. It’s the faster, more secure way to process wholesale transactions and it greatly reduces the risk of human error. 

Find out more about B2B payments built for wholesale here.

Enhance the Storytelling Experience

Invite buyers into the world of your brand by creating memorable stories. Use digital tools to share videos of designer interviews or behind-the-scenes content, color palettes, moodboards, campaign photos and videos. And customize the homepage of your digital portal to create a cohesive experience across all of your channels. 

This storytelling experience goes beyond just your market appointments. Your B2B eCommerce portal enables retailers to explore your collections before and after, so they can see what works for them on their own time. Furthermore, even as we return to face-to-face meetings, the benefits of being able to present your collections online without the need for travel are still immense.

“Before the market appointment, I’ll go into the brand portal to see the inspiration behind the line and the color story. I love the fact that they rig up the showroom with pictures, so if you want, you can shop the entire rack. What’s great about NuORDER is you can hover over the picture, go directly to the style and add it to your cart. It makes for a very seamless experience overall.” 


If you're looking for more information on winning the upcoming market season with a hybrid selling approach to wholesale, get our free ebook Physical Gets Digital: The New and Improved Hybrid Wholesale Model by clicking here. 

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