Navigating the New Normal: Off-Mall Retail Trends in 2024

Explore the shift from traditional malls to off-mall retail in 2024. Uncover trends, strategies, and the future of shopping.

Physical stores and malls are still a core component of retail. However, some retailers may need more flexibility. Off-mall stores can be a great choice whether retailers want to lower overheads or have more creative freedom over their layout. 

Here’s everything you need to know about off-mall retail and how your brand can reach them. 

The Trend of Retailers Embracing Off-Mall Stores

Several retailers have already made plans to move to off-mall retail. One leading retailer said last October they wanted to open 30 off-mall stores nationwide in the next 18 months. Another also opened 30 new off-mall stores in North America in Q2 2023. 

So why are retailers embracing off-mall stores? 

  • Consumer behavior shifts: Consumers are showing a growing preference for shopping experiences outside the traditional mall setup. Shoppers look for convenience, quality, and a seamless integration between online and offline shopping experiences.
  • Economic considerations: High operational costs associated with mall retailing—including escalating rents and strict lease terms—are less sustainable for many businesses. Off-mall locations often offer more favorable economic terms and operational flexibility.
  • Desire for differentiation: In a crowded market, brands seek to distinguish themselves. Off-mall locations allow for more unique, brand-specific store designs and customer experiences that are less feasible in the uniformity of malls.
  • Experiential shopping: There's a growing appetite for shopping experiences that offer more than just transactions. Off-mall stores provide the opportunity to create immersive brand experiences, interactive product demonstrations, and community events that engage customers on a deeper level.

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  • Consumer demand for convenience: Today's consumers highly value convenience and often prefer shopping in locations that are easily accessible and closer to where they live or work. Off-mall stores can be strategically placed to meet these consumers where they are.

How a Centralized Platform Supports Off-Mall Success

Centralized B2B platforms like NuORDER by Lightspeed offer a comprehensive digital platform where retailers transitioning to off-mall stores can seamlessly connect with brands and wholesalers. Through these platforms, businesses can streamline their purchasing processes, foster collaborations, share products, and efficiently place orders.

Learn more about how a centralized platform can help with off-mall stores.

Streamlining operations:

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  • It makes ordering for buyers simple with a visually immersive assortment planning tool that mirrors the B2C online shopping experience. Retailers can quickly see what they need, order it, and get it to their customers faster.

  • It also simplifies understanding buyers better by meticulously tracking orders and identifying top-selling products through advanced reporting features. These platforms empower off-mall retailers to stay ahead of consumer demand and optimize their inventory effectively.

Enhancing brand-retailer connections:

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  • The right B2B platform is like a matchmaker for brands and retailers, making it easier for them to find each other and work together.

  • It helps stores discover new and exciting products they didn't even know existed, but their customers will love with a marketplace accessible to a large network of brands and retailers.

Data-driven insights:

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  • A centralized commerce platform features seamless, deep integrations with all the other enterprise systems you use in your business every day.
  • With a truly integrative system, your wholesale platform features a two-way (bidirectional)
    sync. This system leverages automation and real-time data to help you sell more inventory faster and with more accuracy.
  • A centralized platform enables brands and retailers to track their inventory in real-time without a headache. This means they can see exactly how much stock they have on hand at any given moment, helping them avoid stockouts or overstocking.

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Embracing off-mall retail is a great way to lower costs and experiment with innovative customer experiences. It’s also another way to stay competitive in an uncertain retail landscape. 

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