How SPANX™ Took a D2C Approach to Wholesale

In this blog, get a preview of our new case study with SPANX™, where we share their strategy for boosting wholesale order values.

Lifestyle brand SPANX™ has revolutionized an industry with innovative and customer-minded products. They've taken this same innovative approach by applying a direct-to-consumer (D2C) to their wholesale business. The result? Significant increases in conversions and order values. Read on to learn more. 


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Changing buyer demographics

B2B buyers aren't just B2B buyers. More likely than not, they shop as consumers as well. With this in mind, SPANX™ knew they had an opportunity to better serve these buyers with an elevated shopping experience, just like they would receive from a D2C experience. So, how did they make this happen?

Team-wide collaboration

The SPANX™ B2B team started by tapping their B2C team to implement product imagery and lifestyle visuals into their B2B experience. Equipped with a functional and customizable B2B portal, they were able to easily update their Virtual Showrooms and Campaigns with fresh and visually-impactful materials that could excite their B2B buyers.

B2C-like wholesale, and then some 

Next, they took it a step further by strategically using a B2B platform that allowed them to create Campaigns targeted at specific buyer accounts and send personalized, shoppable, and prefilled line sheets straight to their inbox. This innovative B2B outreach had significant results for the brand; one campaign received sales from 46 of 48 accounts.


Ultimately, SPANX™ uses a smart and thoughtful approach to run its wholesale business successfully. They can create and track the results of all their Campaigns, all while offering an elevated B2B buying experience that makes it easy for their B2B buyers to shop and stay in the loop with their latest products. You can read more about their winning wholesale strategy in their new Success Story by clicking here or the banner below.

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