Reasons why your business should switch to digital B2B catalogs today

B2B sales are increasingly going digital. Learn how going digital with B2B catalogs can increase sales, save you time, and make you money with NuORDER.

B2B sales are increasingly going digital. Learn how going digital with B2B catalogs can increase sales, save you time, and make you money.


A B2B catalog is a tool that allows you to share product images and key information such as pricing, colors, sizes, availability, and delivery dates. Though traditionally shared in print, the past two years have seen their digital counterparts provide undeniable advantages for businesses in industries as diverse as outdoor, lifestyle, home goods, and fashion. 

A B2B catalog creates value for businesses by simplifying purchases and expanding market reach. For clients, it provides easy access to comprehensive product information, which leads to better-informed purchasing decisions. With clean navigation and personalized recommendations, the catalog improves the user experience, promoting loyalty and repeat business. Integrating your B2B catalog with inventory management systems creates accurate stock availability, reducing order errors and fulfillment delays. Using a B2B catalog for your business and products shows your company’s adaptability as the eCommerce world continues to evolve. 


When creating a B2B catalog, there are a couple of things you will want to include. Comprehensive product information, clear pricing, and intuitive navigation are all important to incorporate. Things like detailed descriptions, specifications, and high-quality images can help your buyers make informed decisions about your products. Consider using features like filtering options and search functionality to improve the browsing experience. Integration with inventory management systems makes it possible to access real-time inventory updates, while personalized recommendations can make it easier to upsell clients. Make sure your clients have easy access to customer support and seamless checkout processes for a positive user experience. By making your customer support more accessible and making checkout simple and easy, you contribute to a positive user experience that will encourage your customers to return again and again.

There’s no longer a reason to wait — here are seven reasons why you should start your digital transformation today.


Make it easy to support your brand with a faster and easier buying process. Use digital B2B catalogs so buyers can buy with just one click from shoppable images and videos. When you go digital, you can also accept credit card payments, set up automated payment terms (such as payment upon shipping), and even offer instant point-of-sale financing at checkout — three great tools that encourage retailers to buy. As for buyers who aren’t ready to finalize their orders, eCatalogs can help them plan with one-click order drafts, access to digital notes, and the ability to share drafted orders. 


Showcase your products in an eCatalog to bring your company’s vision to life. The right B2B eCommerce platform lets you present high-quality images with all of the details your customers need to place informed buys, including static images, videos, zoomable 360° images, and 3D models. Look for a solution that makes it easy to create an experience buyers won’t soon forget — but remember, a custom catalog is only as useful as you make it. Choose a product that makes it easy to swap out images and update information with flexible templates and drag-and-drop functionality.


When you use digital catalogs in your B2B eCommerce platform, buyers can place buys while you sleep! Reap the benefits of 24/7, 365 sales and the ease of selling to retailers around the globe during the most suitable timeframes for their schedules. Buyers can even shop in their own currencies and languages when you use a top product catalog app solution. Your digital B2B catalog will also help your in-house team and external sales reps collaborate effectively from afar.


Use your digital B2B catalogs to support your virtual and hybrid appointments. Buyers don’t want to sift through outdated printed materials or request an updated catalog

With eCatalogs, you’ll streamline the buying process via:

  • Detailed digital presentations
  • Personalized linesheets
  • Whiteboard for better live collaboration (including merchandising and visualization)
  • Filters for departments, categories, sizes, colors, delivery dates, and custom pricing (such as discounts for specific retailers)

When you get rid of traditional pen and paper, you’ll also have the opportunity to reduce or completely eliminate human error.

Then there’s access to a rich source of data, insights, and reports. You can harness this information to offer better-targeted assortments, identify best-selling products, and otherwise strengthen your relationships with buyers.

Bonus: Virtual Showrooms

Look for a B2B eCommerce solution that also has a virtual showroom feature. Your virtual showroom will support all of your virtual and hybrid sales as your wholesale hub’s online counterpart. 

You can use a virtual showroom to share:

  • Key SKUs
  • Collection inspiration
  • Color palettes 
  • Size charts and fit guides
  • Branded videos 
  • Editorials and press
  • Social media content 


Brands collaborate online with buyers via digital catalogs and B2B platforms, while a product catalog app lets them participate in the world’s best digital trade shows. You can showcase products, sell to businesses 24/7 throughout the shows, share your latest marketing content, and host virtual market appointments with buyers.


The best digital B2B catalog solutions integrate with all of your software needs across accounting, distribution, ERP, and more to keep your business running smoothly across the board, and in every channel. Find a product catalog app that integrates via real-time two-way sync with products like NetSuite, SAP, Shopify, Oracle, and Quickbooks. Live inventory can also help you grow your business by encouraging in-season orders and replenishment buys.


eCatalogs allows you to skip the printed material at in-person meetings and trade shows, reducing waste and decreasing expenses. 

Pro tip: The best product catalog apps also allow you to work offline via iPhone or iPad.

Digital B2B catalogs and other remote wholesale tools, such as Slack and Zoom, allow you to cut down on travel, greatly reducing the carbon impact of your business. 

Pro tip: Once you’ve created your B2B catalog, be sure to check up on it frequently. Adjust your products as needed and always ensure it has accurate information. Inaccurate information in your catalog can create delays in purchasing and frustrated customers. Adjust it as your business continues to evolve.  




NuORDER is a game-changer for B2B sales, especially when it comes to B2B catalogs. With NuORDER, businesses gain a powerful tool that streamlines the entire process, making it more efficient and effective. One of the key reasons to choose NuORDER is its user-friendly interface, which simplifies the catalog creation and management process. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to B2B sales, NuORDER's intuitive platform makes it easy to showcase products and engage with buyers.

NuORDER offers customization options, allowing businesses to tailor their catalogs to meet the unique needs of their clients. From branding to product presentation, every aspect can be personalized to create a compelling and professional impression. This level of customization not only enhances the overall customer experience but also helps businesses stand out.

In addition to its user-friendly interface and customization capabilities, NuORDER provides powerful analytics tools that offer valuable insights into buyer behavior and preferences. By leveraging these insights, businesses can make informed decisions to optimize their catalog strategy and drive sales growth. Whether it's identifying top-performing products or understanding trends in customer demand, NuORDER analytics empower businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

NuORDER creates seamless integration with existing systems and platforms. Whether you're using ERP software, CRM systems, or other tools, NuORDER can easily integrate with your current technology stack, eliminating the need for manual data entry and additional operations. This integration not only saves time and resources but also ensures data accuracy and consistency across all your business’ systems.

NuORDER offers excellent customer support and training resources to help businesses get the most out of their platform. Whether you need assistance with setup, troubleshooting, or ongoing support, NuORDER's dedicated team is there to help every step of the way. NuORDER provides comprehensive training materials and resources to ensure businesses can maximize their success.

NuORDER is the ideal solution for businesses looking to revolutionize their B2B sales, particularly when it comes to B2B catalogs. With a user-friendly interface, useful customization options, powerful analytics, seamless integration, and excellent support, NuORDER offers everything businesses need to succeed in today's competitive marketplace. By choosing NuORDER, businesses can streamline their operations, drive sales, and deliver exceptional experiences to their clients. Download our eBook today to learn more!

NuORDER by Lightspeed is a B2B eCommerce platform and marketplace, connecting retailers and brands and streamlining the wholesale process for virtual, hybrid, and in-person market appointments. The NuORDER platform offers a seamless and collaborative way for companies to do business with interactive and customizable solutions, easy payments, real-time inventory insights, comprehensive data, and more for increasingly informed buying decisions.

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