A New & Exciting Tradeshow Experience for Brands and Retailers

Informa Markets and NuORDER are joining forces to present the digital experience of fashion trade shows including: MAGIC, PROJECT, COTERIE, Children’s Club and MICAM AMERICAS.

Informa Markets and NuORDER are joining forces to present a digital trade show experience for MAGIC, PROJECT, COTERIE, Children’s Club and MICAM AMERICAS.

In recent months the fashion industry has rapidly adopted digital tools that not only supplement business communications but also improve upon the way business is executed. Continuing on this theme of innovation and growth,

Starting across all verticals on September 1, the online tradeshow will allow participating brands & retailers the ability to connect through digital catalogs, line sheets, in-platform ordering, and 360-degree Virtual Showroom technology on-demand, as well as curated content to educate and guide the discovery process. 

The partnership builds off the strengths of NuORDER’s current eCommerce platform of 500,000 retailers and 2,000 brands at the backend, and Informa’s curation and global network within the fashion industry to produce fashion’s largest digital tradeshow.

NuORDER’s virtual tools complement Informa’s upcoming tradeshows giving brands an immersive platform to tell their story while connecting with a vast network of retailers.

Built-in features for brands include: 

  • Customizable brand portals 
  • Interactive Virtual Showrooms 
  • Custom Drag-&-Drop Linesheets 
  • Shoppable Content Hotspots
  • On-demand ordering capabilities
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Traditionally, tradeshows take place over a three to four day period where brands and retailers interact and determine what pieces they will purchase. The new partnership will allow brands to purchase eight-week subscriptions to the tradeshow platform, which runs throughout the duration of this season’s tradeshows. Retailers will be able to access the tradeshow and brand portals without charge. Through these portals, they will be able to utilize category and price point search functionalities of the platform, connecting them to brands that match their needs and budgets.

By adding an advanced digital component to Informa tradeshows, buyers will now be able to access brand catalogs online for an extended period of time. This is not only beneficial for retailers who are hesitant about attending physical shows due to recent health concerns, but also for those who simply want to shop ahead of time. 

“…the future of fashion wholesale is a synergy of physical and digital.” 


Physical tradeshows will continue to be an important part of the fashion industry, which includes the need to touch and feel merchandise and have face-to-face interactions. The NuORDER platform functions as a support to this buying process by digitizing costly and slow manual ordering, printed linesheets, and live inventory and ordering around the clock. Together, Informa and NuORDER ultimately improve the reach and productivity of currently existing tradeshows, while optimizing the experience for both retailers and brands alike. 

For more information on the Informa x NuORDER partnership, head over to our site here.


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