[eBook]: Making The Most Of Your Brand's Digital Trade Show Experience

Read a preview of our Digital Trade Show Playbook for tips on virtual showroom set up, virtual meetings, and making your trade show booth stand out.

One of the most significant changes for brands and retailers today has been the widespread use of innovative digital tools to overcome the challenges of the current pandemic, from interactive virtual showrooms, strategic approaches to virtual meetings, and now globally connected digital trade shows.

Digital trade shows are the next frontier for many, including outdoor, luxury, and fashion apparel markets.

With the pandemic limiting the ability for trade events to operate at full capacity in a safe manner, many have turned to hybridized or entirely digital trade events to supplement this vitality important aspect of wholesale buying.

“Brands were sitting on the fence before this. It’s forced them to jump into the pool…As people start traveling again, and markets open up for physical meetings, the digitalization of the presentation will still exist. What will happen will be an integration with the physical world”

Heath Wells , Co-CEO and Co-Founder of NuORDER

To navigate this uncharted territory, we created the Digital Trade Show Playbook to give brands the best strategies for success. From set up to execution and follow-up, you’ll find everything you need to know about making the most of your digital trade show experience.

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A few of the topics covered:

The 4-Step Process for Setting Up Your Virtual Showroom

As your “trade show booth” for the duration of the event, preparation is key. This will likely be a team effort to gather properly formatted visual content, which includes assets like digital catalogs, runway footage, and press that corresponds with your displayed merchandise.

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This 4-Step Process should look something like:

  1. Creating a visual plan that works to promote specific merchandise
  2. Formatting your media to match our content specs for a perfect fit
  3. Drag and drop your content
  4. Publish

For more tips on setting up your virtual showroom, check out page 3 of the playbook.

Tips for Interacting With Buyers Online

Face to face connections with buyers are an important aspect of the trade show experience, and while digital trade shows can’t replace those interactions entirely, we have a few tips for building meaningful online connections.

Here are our five tips for working with online buyers:

  1. Keep it simple: share linesheets of core products that carry over the seasons
  2. Make it personal: create personalized linesheets for valued partners and key potential clients
  3. Be attentive: take notes during virtual appointments to share with buyers afterwards

For additional information on mastering virtual appointments and meetings, you’ll want to read pages 6-7 of the guide.

Read The Full Playbook Today

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