NuORDER Announces New Visual Merchandising Tool

Whiteboarding is designed to help brands sell deeper into their collections through interactive displays of their products.

Over the past year, B2B commerce has become both more personalized and experiential. To sell deeper into accounts and hit revenue targets, Sales teams are replacing one-size-fits-all catalogs and linesheets with more curated presentations of relevant products. In short, merchandising is key!

NuORDER already delivers robust merchandising capabilities through custom linesheets, which enables Sales Reps to build a personalized set of products. We’re now taking merchandising to the next level with Whiteboarding, NuORDER’s new visual merchandising tool.

Whiteboarding is designed to help brands sell deeper into their collections through interactive displays of their products. Brands can use this blank canvas paradigm to transform static linesheets into thoughtful storytelling visuals.

“Brand storytelling and personalization are such key elements of B2B sales, we needed to create a flexible canvas where brands can arrange products and images however they like with integrated clickable ordering capabilities directly connected their product catalogs. We have re-imagined an age-old process for today’s brands and B2B buyers.”


Whiteboarding GIF

The flexible nature of Whiteboarding allows brands to be both creative and strategic in their visual merchandising process. For example, Whiteboarding can be used to create and execute in-season promotions, showcase complementary groupings within a line, or highlight the hottest selling item in each product category. Brands can increase sales by helping retailers visualize large buys, identify gaps in their purchase orders, and select the right combination of products for their stores.

NuORDER’s Whiteboarding tool offers:

A Platform for Storytelling

    • Combine products, logos, imagery and text to create compelling stories that drive sales.
    • Sell deeper into accounts by showing how your entire line works together.

Robust Visual Merchandising

    • Present buyers with personalized recommended buys by showing them how your various products complement each other.
    • Provide retailers with a roadmap of how to merchandize your products both in-store and online.

Drag N’ Drop Functionality (no photoshop required!)

    • Easily add products and images to Whiteboards and adjust the layout to achieve the perfect customized look.
    • Tap into your existing NuORDER product imagery, pricing and meta data to quickly input product data.

Collaborative Workspace

  • Share Whiteboards with other NuORDER users (both reps and buyers) to collaborate on boards and make edits in real-time.

One-Click Ordering

  • Reps and buyers can convert Whiteboards into orders by clicking on products within the Whiteboard to add them directly to their carts.

ARC’TERYX, a high performance outdoor equipment brand, is an early adopter of NuORDER’s Whiteboarding tool.

“Whiteboards are a crucial tool for selling deeper into our large retail accounts,” said CJ King, Vice President of Global Commercial, at Arc’teryx Equipment.  â€śNuORDER’s tool makes our Sales team more effective by integrating the merchandising and ordering processes in one place.”

To learn more about the how the Whiteboarding add-on can engage your buyers and drive sales for your brand, request a demo today.

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