Whiteboarding Explained & How To Use It

Whiteboarding is simply visually collaborating on an online document. Use our Whiteboarding tool to help you tell the best stories.

Whiteboarding is simply visually collaborating on an online document. Use our Whiteboarding tool to help you tell the best stories and communicate effectively.

So, what is whiteboarding? Whiteboarding is used by people in all industries as a creative tool that’s great for collaboration. Why are whiteboarding tools so great? They’re a platform for telling stories to both executives and customers. They also allow you to combine text, images, products, and logos in new and creative ways. Because of the excitement you can generate from this creativity, the best use of the whiteboard may be in sales. This article will cover how you can use whiteboarding within your sales strategy.

3 Ways Whiteboarding Can Be Effective in Sales

Whiteboarding can be a helpful sales tool to tell your brand story in a creative way while showcasing your products.


Whether you’re engaging a room full of business executives who are considering your b2b product, or presenting your brand and products online, you need to be able to engage your audience. Traditional forms of presentation, like a PowerPoint or lists of products on a page, can be boring and make your brand seem uninteresting. Whiteboarding is a great way to make sure this doesn’t happen. Kind of like a traditional whiteboard in a classroom, whiteboarding allows you, and your collaborators, complete freedom as you customize how your products are presented. When you use a whiteboarding tool, you’ll make sure your presentations are memorable and engaging, no matter the audience. Whiteboarding provides teams with easy collaboration when they are searching for solutions or brainstorming together. Beyond the typical presentations, whiteboarding allows you to have more engagement with your audience. 


One of the reasons whiteboarding is so effective is because the freedom it offers is great for storytelling. Your brand and products should never seem boring. Whiteboarding lets you share your brand’s story with customers.  Not only that, but whiteboarding allows your brand users to combine products, logos, images, and text to create compelling stories for each line or product that will drive more sales. Make sure everyone checking out your products understands how they will improve their lives. Whiteboarding helps to create this story and visually plan. Whiteboarding with a story in mind helps present your topics with a purpose and keeps meetings on track. With meetings presented with purposeful stories, customers are getting a more clear picture of your brand and products.  


Whiteboarding software allows for multiple collaborators. This means that you can take the best ideas from every team member to create the most visually compelling pages. And because whiteboarding is all done on the computer, it’s easy for each collaborator to participate no matter where they are. Meet over Zoom, or just start a chat, and host a brainstorming session to get everyone involved in the process. Because of the freedom whiteboarding software allows, it’s no problem at all to use your team's best insights to create beautiful presentations and product pages. Although there are several free whiteboarding options, using NuORDER’s whiteboarding Software is the best option for selling your products.

Preparing For Your First Whiteboarding Collaboration Session

For a successful whiteboarding session, it is important to prepare beforehand. First, test your video conference camera prior to your session. Another tip is to use a template to help yourself and others focus on the session. Prepare key points to cover that will help keep participants on track during any brainstorming. Help invite participants to add ideas by designating a space on the whiteboard for ideas. Lastly, encourage all participants to contribute. 

Using Whiteboarding for Sales

As we mentioned previously, storytelling is the best way to utilize whiteboarding for sales. Creating a clear message and then practicing delivering that message consistently and effectively is essential. One method to start with is creating a visual story around what the buyer wants to achieve. Starting here helps initiate a conversation around the topic, helping salespeople and buyers simultaneously. One important factor for selling is to push for engagement. Unlike a presentation, selling via whiteboard should invite questions that get buyers to talk. Therefore, practicing opening the conversation and presenting positing statements or visuals helps to quickly engage the buyer in conversation. This collaboration helps sellers to learn as much as they can. Learning what issues buyers have means you can better present a solution for them. 

What NuORDER's Whiteboarding Software Looks Like

Need whiteboarding software? Look no further than NuORDER. Our software allows for quick, easy, and visually appealing whiteboards for any sales pitch. 

NuORDER’s whiteboarding software gives you endless options for setting up product pages. You may want to use whiteboarding to organize products in a way that makes seeing each product's color and design easy to compare. 

Or maybe you want to use whiteboarding to show customers how your different products can be paired with other products to create entire outfits. With our whiteboarding software, that’s no problem at all!

The best part? The whiteboarding function is easy to use. You don’t even need Photoshop to get your work done here! You can easily add products and images to your whiteboards, and then adjust the layout to achieve the perfect look. Therefore, creating custom whiteboarding visuals for your products on a platform like NuORDER is easy.

This can be shared with other NuORDER users (buyers and reps). However, only the owner of the whiteboard will have permission to edit the whiteboard. 

Another great feature is that you can convert your custom whiteboard into a shopping experience for your buyers! Whiteboarding allows you to have more interactive buyer experiences. You can set it up so that reps and buyers can click on the products within the whiteboard and add them to their cart. 

For a quick walk-through of all the options our whiteboarding software offers, check out our page on how to start using the whiteboard. If your brand is interested in using the whiteboarding function, please contact your account manager at NuORDER for more details. 

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