Trend Report: The Other Side of Aspen

This month's trend report continues from last winter with more skiwear being found in mainstream fashion. See the brands getting it right with Fashion Director Tommy Fazio.

Last winter’s trend of Popski is continuing into 2021 with bold colors and vintage wools, bringing surfside cool to the winter slopes. 

About The Trend

This trend’s origin begins in the 1960s and 70s, where the affluent could afford to spend the winter skiing. In the present day, snowsports have evolved to be more inclusive of a diversity of people, and so have its looks. The trend today is eclectic and unexpected, filled with vibrant pops of color that capture the essence of excitement, adventure, and aspiration.

The fits are generous and comfortable, and feature materials like vintage wool and yarn, thermals, and Polartec. Think Moncler jacket with a traditional holiday beanie.  

We all want to get back outside and long for something cheerful to lighten the mood, especially as we approach the holidays. At its core, this trend is intertwined with a sense of optimism both socially and environmentally. 

Brands that are getting it right? Arc’teryx, Canada Goose, Patagonia, Helly Hanson, Ellesse, Duvetica.

Collaboration between fashion brands and outdoor brands can often hint at consumer interest and desirability. Arc’teryx’s top-of-the-line gear has been featured on the runway with Off-White and worn by the likes of Kanye West, and Canada Gooses robust jackets have been featured in collaboration with brands like Vetements, Opening Ceremony, and Marc Jacobs. Collaborations like these illustrate the broadening appeal of outdoor apparel beyond the scope of performance. It’s functionally and aesthetic is not only admired by the pros, but also everyday wearers.

Here are a few of our favorite looks capturing the essence of The Otherside of Aspen:

Wrap Up

We’re gradually moving towards a more inclusive world of fashion that intermixes function, style, and comfort into clothing that is more accessible to a wider audience. This is a theme we expect to see carried into spring and summer wardrobes that feature equally as uplifting and optimistic looks, which is something we can all use right now. 

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Tommy Fazio

Tommy Fazio is a senior fashion executive with a unique combination of business and creative expertise who is currently leading the Fashion vertical at NuORDER, the leading wholesale eCommerce platform. Previously, Tommy led over 18 trade shows a year as President of Men's and Women's Wear at UBM Avanstar Magic (now Informa) and served as Men's Fashion Director at majors such as Bergdorf Goodman and Nordstrom.