Supply chain spotlight: the latest trends to put on your radar

Meet the latest supply chain trends to rise to new challenges and uncover fresh opportunities.

With new and updated climate legislation and commitments on the horizon, brands and retailers can expect significant changes throughout the supply chain for years to come. Read on for an overview of some of the most significant supply chain trends and tips on how you can meet them head-on.

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New Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Initiatives

Consumers and governments have high expectations for brands to build more sustainable and more responsible supply chains. There’s also increasing pressure to meet global 2025 sustainability goals while cleaning up supply chains in the process. Despite the pressure, this is actually great news. Suppliers and brands are working together better than ever as consumers insist more and more on knowing where their products have been throughout the supply chain. What’s more, the call for greater transparency has also ushered an era of new tech, including Digital IDs designed to help retailers and brands do business more sustainably while maintaining compliance.

There’s also a clear shift towards prioritizing Scope 3 emissions data collection and reporting. As of 2024, only 5% of supply chain emissions stem from direct manufacturing, while emissions originating within the supply chain can be 5 to 10 times greater. Brands will likely increase investments in carbon data management solutions to reduce their impact in a compliant fashion.

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Smarter Tech

As more companies adopt the likes of AI, machine learning, IoT (Internet of Things), and blockchain, their smarter supply chains will likely improve predictability, enhance gross margins, and boost resilience in times of disruption.

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Stronger Brand-Supplier Partnerships

Nearly half (46%) of brands have introduced new sustainability criteria for their business partners throughout the supply chain. Another survey from NielsenIQ revealed that 46% of consumers believe brands should take the lead when it comes to implementing new measures for sustainability. This consumer expectation has likely been one of the strongest contributing factors into why brands have started looking for more sustainable and transparent suppliers. 

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Savvier Risk Management

Leading brands and suppliers will work together to identify and manage supply chain risks. At the same time, brands and retailers will share insights that can help shed light on potential disruptions and develop contingency plans to better navigate uncertainties together. That’s why we’ll also see more companies investing in centralized platforms to support accurate inventory updates and reporting. Integrated systems have the power to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and provide real-time visibility for streamlined and timely supply chain management.

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How to Navigate Major Supply Chain Challenges Successfully 

Manufacturing and product delay solutions for retailers

NuORDER’s bi-directional order integrations are a game-changer for retailers experiencing manufacturing and product delays.

If product delivery windows change, retailers have the power to proactively update their orders to plan with greater accuracy:

  • ERP integrations offer real-time data on inventory and shipping information for insights into actual (rather than projected) delivery dates
  • Notifications for canceled styles make it possible for brands to offer available-to-sell (ATS) replacements for upcoming campaigns

Manufacturing and product delay solutions for brands

On the other hand, brands are adapting to continuous manufacturing and product delays by going to market earlier than usual. 

NuORDER provides the tools brands need to conduct digital market appointments:

  • Virtual Showrooms 
  • Customized promotions to encourage more pre-book orders

It’s normal for supply chain disruptions to occur from time to time. However, it’s the tools, partnerships, and strategies that you put into place today that can make a world of difference for an easier tomorrow. 

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