Quivers x NuORDER Brings A Sophisticated Omnichannel Experience

Our new partnership with Quivers will enable consumers to have their transactions completed online and convert site visitors to customers at in-person retail locations.

We're proud to announce our partnership with Quivers to give consumers an elite omnichannel shopping experience with Ship-To-Store fulfillment for specialty brands and retailers. Read on to learn more.

How Quivers and NuORDER work together

Imagine a customer wants to place an order online but opts to pick up their purchase at a physical retail location.

This is made possible with the NuORDER Ship-to-Store App found inside the Quivers Admin Panel.

Once brands authorize the Quivers application in their NuORDER account, they are able to map retailers in Quivers to wholesale buyer accounts in NuORDER. Once set up, the brand can enable Ship-to-Store (STS) fulfillment linked to specific online storefronts in Quivers.

The Ship-to-Store fulfillment option will populate for a consumer during checkout based on a product being out-of-stock at the retail level, but in-stock in the brand's NuORDER account.

"Our new Ship-to-Store capabilities with NuORDER are a big forward step to connecting all parts of the commerce ecosystem including DTC, B2B, online, and offline. It's not just about connecting it all but doing so in a radically consumer-centric way that creates a seamless experience."


Benefits for brands and retailers

On the brand side, our STS feature will increase cart conversions, improve the consumer experience, and provide competitive fulfillment options akin to major e-commerce platforms. 

For retailers, the STS feature will drive in-store foot traffic, showcase retail store name on the brand's website, and provide insights into product performance and trends.

"Connecting Quivers to our platform allows brands to further optimize the use of their available inventory to ship additional product to their retail partners...This is another step on the way to connecting brands even closer to the retailers and, more importantly, to the end customers they both serve."


About Quivers

Quivers is the leading commerce platform for specialty brands. Quivers lets brands sell products on their website while sharing the fulfillment of those orders with physical retailers. Quivers bridges the gap between online and offline shopping. Quivers helps brands increase sell-in, reduce stock-outs, and ship faster and more efficiently. The Quivers platform will improve a brand's eCommerce performance online, letting a brand offer the very best shopping and fulfillment experience to consumers, while also maintaining a healthy, profitable B2B business.

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