Virtual Marketing, Merchandising and Sales Innovation at Joe’s Jeans

We sit down with Joe's Jeans to talk about how they use the NuORDER platform to market, merchandise and increase sales.

Founded in 2001 by Creative Director Joe Dahan, Joe’s Jeans is a contemporary fashion brand redefining everyday style with an LA sensibility and a distinctive rock-and-roll aesthetic. With an emphasis on offering the perfect fit for everyone, the brand is taking a revolutionary approach to denim and sophisticated classics, leveraging the latest technology to offer beautiful, innovative designs with a flawless fit. Joe’s Jeans also harnesses the power of tech for B2B activities, using NuORDER to create a beautiful, engaging online hub for retailers- one of the most unique to date. The brand carefully works with their marketing team to create a dynamic homepage to improve digital visual merchandising and virtual selling. They cross collaborate on NuORDER and merge the talents of their marketing, merchandising and sales teams to bolster their wholesale partnerships. Emily Cohen, Joe’s Jeans merchandising coordinator explains the inner workings of a NuORDER portal so effective sellers said it helped them sell in one of the toughest times in the market.

Tell us about your role and what you love about Joe’s Jeans.

I’ve been in merchandising for 2 ½ years, and I’ve always wanted to work in fashion. Merchandising gives me a business eye with a creative spin since it’s a little bit of everything. I love putting these beautifully designed  presentations together. It’s a fun project to work on.

How many team members use our solution? 

Every sales rep and our merchandising and marketing teams use NuORDER for their own purposes but also for collaboration. These visuals have been super helpful for the team while giving buyers and press a realistic view of our products when it isn’t possible to send samples. We also use it to organize ourselves and create a reference hub for products.

How long have you been on NuORDER and what led you to a solution like ours?

We’ve been on NuORDER for just shy of 2 years. We were on another B2B platform before, but it was a sales-only tool and we wanted something to help with merchandising and cross-team collaboration. We also use NuORDER to store marketing collateral. We view it as a more holistic solution. 

What are your favorite features?

We use NuORDER very dynamically. We use linesheets the most and we’re starting to market virtually through the platform. We want to create the greatest online experience for our retail partners so we’ve created a dynamic homepage. It currently features highlights from the last two seasons and there are videos and lookbooks for buyers to guide themselves through our online portal. We’ve also started using custom lists to tailor our offerings. We produce these visually-engaging presentations that we share via email.

How do you replicate the in-person experience online?

We try to create a space where the sales team can present to accounts while making the experience as personal as possible. Since in-person selling isn’t an option right now, we approach everything on NuORDER with the aim of making an online space with all of the best aspects of in-person appointments.

How do you share the details of your collections?

We want the buyers to feel almost as if they’re part of the design process so we have a designer video presenting our mood for the season and the inspiration for our current collection. We also share lookbooks and other images of models wearing our outfits so buyers can scroll through and get a feel for construction and fit. Our lookbooks serve double duty as media pages where we can showcase our looks in a very dynamic fashion to bring our products to life.

What are buyers saying about your NuORDER portal?

Our sales reps put everything together in a fun, one-of-a-kind lookbook. They send it out in a beautifully-packaged presentation that makes it so much easier for them but also for buyers. We’ve had buyers come back to us and say, ‘We want to buy from you because you have the best online presentation that hasn’t been seen with other vendors’. NuORDER gives us the tools to create a great online experience in the absence of in-person appointments.

Joe’s Jeans achieves groundbreaking B2B e-commerce results thanks to innovative collaboration among the brand’s marketing, merchandising and sales teams. They’re experiencing far greater success approaching their homepage strategy through the eyes of all three departments, rather than through the lens of a single silo. Both Joe’s Jeans and their wholesale partners benefit tremendously from the effort, partaking in an experience that feels more like an offline encounter.

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