Innovating During Lockdown: What’s New at NuORDER

Since operating your businesses remotely became more vital than ever, we’ve worked around the clock to present you with more tools and opportunities for success in the new era of wholesale. Here's a rundown on what's new at NuORDER.

Since operating your businesses remotely became more vital than ever, we’ve worked around the clock to present you with more tools and opportunities for success in the new era of wholesale. 

We value you and your businesses; we’re helping you prepare for a future when brick-and-mortar stores and offices are up and running- from partial reopenings to full-scale operations with the latest pandemic safety measures in place. 

We wanted to give you a rundown of what we have been busy working on: here’s what’s new…


As soon as stores began to close and trade show plans changed, we thought about how we could contribute to help the retail industry. In mid-March, we rolled out the NuORDER NOW digital catalog platform to help retailers and brands working responsibly from afar. NuORDER NOW is a 100% complimentary, modified version of our platform. It offers you access to top features, including 24/7 mobile access, customizable catalogs, and linesheets and access to webinars and other resources. The primary difference is that this free offering accommodates up to 3 brand users and the processing of up to 10 orders. Learn more and request access here.

Virtual Showroom 

We released a new virtual showroom tool in May, offering you a new way to replicate the in-person showroom experience online. Organize your showroom by collections, delivery dates, and other criteria. Share both product and runway videos to help buyers understand the textures, fit and movement of your garments- along with key details of other products such as accessories. What’s more, hotspots take the experience to whole new heights, allowing any image or video to be instantly shoppable (including the ability to shop multiple products in a single image or video). 

You don’t need an in-house tech team to get started. Our virtual showroom has drag and drop features and multiple merchandising templates that make it simple to share your brand story, collection information, custom linesheets and more. 

For more information on Virtual Showroom, click here.

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360° Product Photography

Our new virtual showroom also offers 360° product view capabilities and enhanced zoom functionality. 360° product images allow buyers to determine accurate product dimensions and fit with much faster load times than video. To support this new feature, we’ve launched a new global photography network to help you capture the best 360° product views for your wholesale clients. We have a growing team of photographers located around the globe who can expertly shoot your products for this occasion. If there’s a specific photographer you prefer who is outside of our network, we’ll share our training materials and advise on equipment and software to help them get the job done.


Customer Service Webinars 

Another offering that emerged while sheltering in place is our weekly customer service webinars. To assist new and existing customers, we host live complimentary webinars with live demos covering everything from best sales practices and delivery modifications to photography and merchandising. Join us every Tuesday at 9 am PST. 

Watch previously recorded webinars here.

Trade Show Partnership with Informa Markets

In other exciting news for all of us, we’ve partnered with Informa Markets, owner of so many significant trade shows across industries. As for the world of consumer goods and apparel, the Informa Markets portfolio includes COTERIE, MAGIC, PROJECT, FN PLATFORM and MICAM Americas. We’re teaming up to launch their very first digital trade show. Trade show participants will gain access to our virtual showroom tech, in-platform ordering, customizable sales materials, an expansive directory of potential partners and more.

“The live event experience is irreplaceable; fashion, in particular, is a very tactile business—buyers want to feel fabrics in their own hands and see colors with their own eyes. But we also believe that the future of fashion wholesale is a synergy of physical and digital. Our first step in this direction is our partnership with NuORDER and the digital trade show we will debut this year, which we believe will help translate the experience of discovery and connection that is at the heart of our physical events to a new and exciting virtual environment.”


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