Fashion Digital New York Run Down

Fashion Digital New York Run Down

Fashion Digital New York 2019 has come to a close and new insights have emerged from some of the greatest minds in fashion and eCommerce technology coming together to discuss the state of the industry.

Some of the key themes included:

  • The Changing Landscape of Wholesale 
  • The Wholesale and DTC Relationship
  • Smarter Wholesale and Customer-Centricity 

The common thread throughout each discussion was how the relationship between wholesale and DTC will continue to change and be influenced by buying preferences and emerging technologies. 

The synergy between DTC and wholesale continue to morph and mature into a strategic partnership. Leading industry experts paint a promising picture for the future of DTC and wholesale. A story that shows that brands can benefit from creating a careful and healthy mix between the two channels. 

Wholesale still holds enormous value for brands who are still growing a customer base, while also providing a reliable revenue stream. For more mature brands, wholesale lowers customer acquisition costs and increases brick-and-mortar presence. 

But wholesale isn’t necessarily what it used to be. For brands who want to continue to grow and strengthen their wholesale business, they must now treat their relationship with retailers with the same amount of intimacy and customer knowledge that they treat their DTC customer base. 

Tommy Fazio, NuORDER’s Fashion Director, believes that retailers are becoming more appreciative of the DTC channel as it helps brands refine their message and provides a more nuanced understanding of the customer. Brands are now becoming smarter sellers and aiding retailers in becoming more experiential--so that the eCommerce ecosystem becomes more mutually beneficial. 

So where do eCommerce solutions fit into this new world of commerce? Fazio believes that collaborative commerce will be the future of wholesale and DTC: paved by technology that provides an end-to-end seamless selling and buying solution. 

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