5 Tips to Drive Retail Buyers to Use Your B2B eCommerce Platform

How to encourage buyer adoption when implementing a B2B eCommerce Platform.

Congrats! You’ve implemented a B2B eCommerce platform! You’ve built out your online portal, uploaded your product catalogs, and trained your reps on how to use the system. But now, how do you get your retail buyers onboard? Here are five tips you can use to get your retail buyers into your B2B platform:

1. Create Awareness Among your Retail Buyers

Many brands make a big investment in their B2B platform, but do not tell their customers anything about it. The power of a true B2B eCommerce platform is in its two-sided capabilities, serving both brand reps and retail buyers.  However, if buyers aren’t aware of the platform, they can’t make use of it. It is essential that you email all of your retail buyers to inform them about your new B2B eCommerce platform and how it will benefit them. Many eCommerce platforms can automate this for you by simply uploading a list of your retail buyers or by integrating your B2B platform with your CRM system. Representatives should make buyers aware of the platform during phone conversations and show them how it will make their lives easier. Also, consider adding a footer note to your invoices or including a note with your mailings with information regarding your B2B platform and how to access it.

2. Educate and Train

Creating awareness among your buyers isn't sufficient to drive adoption.  You need to also train your buyers how to use the platform and how it will benefit them. The platform should have an online helpdesk, rich with how-to videos for buyers and step-by-step instructions that can be easily accessed. During store visits or trade shows, your sales reps can demonstrate the platform to buyers and walk them through the ordering process. This is also a good time to educate buyers about the benefits of using a B2B eCommerce Platform. Explain how they will receive orders faster, increase order accuracy, and save time. Once buyers possess a proper understanding of how to use the platform and what it does for them, adoption and consistent use will follow.

3. Create an Experience

A buyer’s overall experience with your platform can be the single most important factor in adoption. The best way to create the optimal experience to own the platform like it is your eCommerce site. Use great imagery and robust product descriptions. Think of what you want to know before you buy online, and make sure that it's all included on your product detail pages. Include multiple, high-quality images, fabrication details, dimensions, and other relevant details. Create marketing-driven linesheets or product catalogs that contain complete collections to allow buyers to easily visualize what they are purchasing and answer any questions they may have. If the platform is not intuitive, user-friendly, and functional, the buyer can become frustrated and will refuse to use the solution.

4. Use It!

One of the most simple and effective ways to create engagement on your platform is to use it. Dedicated use of its tools, galleries, imagery databases, and outreach tools bring buyers on board. By using the email features in your selling processes, you drive buyers on to your platform. Once they are there, the buyer experience should keep them coming back.

5. Incentivize

Drive adoption by providing a reward for usage. Discounts and rewards such as free shipping within the platform accelerate usage upon implementation and encourage buyers to log in. After the initial launch, give buyers incentives like early access to products or even exclusive items to keep them coming back.
There is nothing to fear when implementing a B2B solution. By making buyers aware, educating them, providing them with incentives, and providing with an incredible experience, you can guarantee they will log on to your platform and keep coming back.

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