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Sell online through a B2B wholesale platform. Make it easier on your business and customers. Discover more with NuORDER.

Selling directly to businesses on a platform you can grow and customize sounds complicated, but it might be easier than you think. With a B2B wholesale platform in place, you can create unique features like digital showrooms that encourage wholesale purchases from other businesses and drive more revenue. Below, we’ll explore the possibilities and benefits that come with a B2B wholesale platform of your own.

What Is a B2B Wholesale Platform?

A B2B wholesale platform is a website or marketplace where you can sell products in bulk — often at a discount — to other businesses. Although the B2B wholesale marketplace you use might feel more like a B2C “retail” experience, the aim is to sell directly to buyers with a company’s budget in mind.

To that end, some companies use their own B2B eCommerce platform. This creates a unique, “bespoke” experience for other businesses, including:

  • Custom branding for your business
  • A custom price list on products, with discounts and bulk rates applied
  • Your chosen payment methods
  • Simplified ordering

Our B2B eCommerce platform makes selling wholesale easier. Features like virtual showrooms or the ability to launch digital trade shows replicate a much more expansive experience for customers. Think of it as a private store that opens all sorts of possibilities for your B2B buyers.

An eCommerce Platform Built Specifically for B2B Wholesale

Why bother setting up a store built exclusively for B2B buyers? Simple: B2B purchases in bulk can represent a majority of new business. One order from a B2C buyer is great — but one order from a B2B buyer can have a lasting impact on your revenue.

It’s worth building a platform specifically for B2B wholesale buyers who want a retail buying experience. It will also improve your experience as a seller thanks to the following features:

  • Restricting site access to manage which buyers can go where
  • Segmenting customers for enhanced personalization
  • Generating quotes to use dynamic pricing
  • Advanced “quick order” features to help manage inventory
  • File attachments for adding product information
  • Analyzing your sales to help generate insights

What Is the Best eCommerce Platform for a Wholesaler?

eCommerce platforms like Amazon Business, Alibaba, and X-Cart offer cost-effective options for quickly onboarding and selling your wholesale goods. The problem is, working with a pre-built platform limits your options, giving you few choices for the kind of customization today’s B2B buyer expects from their purchasing experience.

With NuORDER, you can customize your entire buying experience so it’s more appealing to B2B shoppers. You can create multi-channel sales experiences. You can collect data from prospective customers as they approach your brand. You can utilize digital trade shows. You can also share digital catalogs via your B2B wholesale platform

The best B2B wholesale platform will work with your brand to create the experience of a much larger platform — but with features exclusive to your inventory. With NuORDER, you can add a sophisticated array of features such as item catalogs, customer accounts, and order tracking software to your own B2B sales with a single  platform. 

Want to try it out for yourself? Request a demo of our B2B wholesale platform to discover the potential you can unlock when you become the platform — not just the seller.

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