Agenda Complements Physical Trade Show Experience with NuORDER’s Online Trade Show

NuORDER is partnering with Agenda to provide sponsoring brands and attending retailers with a digital companion to complement the physical show.

January is right around the corner, which means the official start of trade show season. Brands and retailers are gearing up to kickoff the season starting with Agenda, the leading action sports & lifestyle tradeshow that attracts dozens of large brands, including NuORDER clients Neff, Element, Ezekiel, RVCA, TOMS and Chinese Laundry to name a few.

While physically attending the trade show is valuable for showcasing your brand’s merchandise and meeting current and potential retail partners, the 2-day time limit and large attendee list makes it difficult to meet everyone.  Additionally, maintaining these relationships once the show closes is even tougher. To make the most impact at Agenda (and all of your trade shows), wholesale brands need tighter alignment between their trade show and digital channels, as both provide significant and complementary value to their B2B relationships and sales processes.

NuORDER is excited to announce that we are partnering with Agenda to provide sponsoring brands and attending retailers with a digital companion to complement the physical show.

As part of the partnership, NuORDER is creating a branded Online Trade Show that will run the duration of the Agenda trade shows in Long Beach and Las Vegas, from January 1st through February 14th. The Online Trade Show allows 50 Agenda brands and 500 attending retailers to discover new opportunities, connect with potential partners and make transactions 24/7, even after the 2-day shows end.

“Trade shows are critical to the wholesale buying process, as they provide unique opportunities for brands and retailers to connect in-person, and for retail buyers to physically engage with brands’ products... “However, the shows are only a couple of days a year, so Online Trade Show allows brands and retailers to continue collaborating, even after the physical show ends.”


Brands can upload their catalogs and linesheets to NuORDER to transact directly with buyers at the event and stay connected in the months following to provide a complete B2B experience. Online Trade Show includes features designed to empower brands to gain new business and strengthen buyer relationships seamlessly, including:

  • Brand discovery: Allows buyers to browse brands with ease by searching by category, similar brands, tags and high-resolution logos.
  • Unique profiles: Arms brands with multiple ways to tell their story through customizable visuals and assets, including hero images, digital line sheets or catalogs, Instagram feeds and downloadable assets, such as a credit application and PDFs of look books.
  • Preview mode: Brands curate custom portals for buyers, allowing them to browse top products while hiding competitive information, such as wholesale pricing.
  • Mobile friendly: The platform is optimized to be accessed on the go from any mobile web browser.

To learn more about the our partnership with Agenda, check out the official release or request marketplace access here.

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