Webinar Recap: NuORDER x Forrester - Wholesale Digital Transformation

Learn how to better integrate technological resources to support the needs of brands, retailers, and customers and their relationships with one another.

A significant part of successfully running a retail business today involves the integrated use of technological resources to support the needs of brands, retailers, and customers and their relationships with one another.

In this webinar with NuORDER’s Tommy Fazio, Frank & Eileen’s Founder/CEO Audrey McLoghlin, and Forrester Senior Analyst Joe Cicman, they detail the ways retailers and brands have shifted towards this more encompassing approach by thoughtfully using digital tools to improve their selling and buying processes.

Listen in to hear more about the way technology has allowed wholesale, D2C, retailers and the customer to optimize the shopping experience like never before and how you can optimize your business by creating a digitally-minded ecosystem.

For a few highlights from the webinar, read below:

Secrets to Success

McLoghlin recalls the transition Frank & Eileen has gone through as a traditional wholesaler over the last 10 years, and how embracing digital tools has given the company an advantage. Technology can be used to reinforce your brand’s story as a wholesaler, improve your business game through omni-channel selling, and provide the ability to communicate directly with customers. 

To D2C or Not to D2C

There are a few points to consider before diving into the world of D2C. According to Cicman, it is important to define the core strengths of your brand, if those strengths can carry over into D2C, and if it makes sense financially to invest resources into a D2C platform. 

The Importance of Discovery

Maintaining a sense of discovery for your brand’s merchandise can be difficult in an omni-channel world. McLoghlin details how wholesalers can strategically select retail placements that help alleviate the negative impact of over distribution on customers. 

Leveraging Tech to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Each brand’s technological game plan should be uniquely curated to their needs. Cicman goes over the importance of selecting an ecosystem that works to improve the experience of brands, retailers, and retail shoppers is vital to a successful digital transformation. 

Overcoming Buyer Resistance 

Cicman states that during the development phase of an eCommerce site, brands should focus on useability and customer experience to maximize their results. Utilizing an interface with an emphasis on ease, speed, and accuracy can help encourage adoption among your audience. 

To watch the full webinar on Wholesale Digital Transformation, check out the link below on Zoom:


Reimagine Wholesale for Your Business



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