Webinar Recap: 360-Degree Photography for B2B Wholesale Platforms

Find out more about 360° photography and how it can help digitize your merchandise collections to create a more engaging online wholesale buying experience.

In our 8th installment of Wholesale in the time of Coronavirus: Best Practices Series, we go over 360° photography and how it can help digitize your merchandise collections to create a more engaging online wholesale buying experience. Joined by Creative Services Manager Courtney Chapman, Education Services Director Chris Dunlap, and Account Director Chelsie Frieze, they discuss the importance of embracing new technology in present times, and how it can be utilized to help the industry today and in the future to come. To see how 360-degree photography can work for your business, check out our upcoming Virtual Showrooms tool to see it live in action.

A few of the topics covered include:

  • Defining 360° Photography
  • Creating 360° Imagery
  • The Benefits of 360°
  • 360° Photography Best Practices
  • Global Photography Network

The full webinar is available to watch on-demand here.

How does it work?

360° images are constructed by a series of images stitched together and presented online. Still frames of either 24 or 36 images, at 10 or 15 degree turns between images, are collected and uploaded through NuORDER and stitched together.  Without enough images, results may be jumpy and less of a realistic view for buyers. When it comes to implementation and getting your pictures taken, things might be a little different this season with the current climate, but we go over methods of how to get the job done nonetheless.

What are the benefits of 360° photography?

From an online perspective, a smooth 360-view gives buyers the best possible understanding of the true size and fit, a view that is normally only given in person. Videos can take time to load and be cumbersome for users to interact with, and lack the ability for buyers to interact with the merchandise. We cover how increased engagement ultimately leads to increased conversions and decreased return rates, improving sales and customer relations.

Can I do it myself?

The cost of implementing 360° can vary widely based on the complexity of the merchandise shot, number of frames, and volume. We discuss the difference pricing structures studios might choose to follow, and what to keep in mind for merchandise that is more complicated, be it more complex styling or straps that require additional set up.

We also cover what it takes to make your own 360-degree photography, from what conditions you’ll need to have, equipment, and software. There are a few options available that come with turntables, and apps that can give you full creative control to capture your own (Meta360, Edit360, Cappasity). 

Additionally, NuORDER is offering our Global Photography network to businesses that are looking to digitally transform their product images. Coordinated by Creative Services Manager Courtney, this is a network of photographers and artists across the world that can make the process a little easier. For current NuORDER clients, reach out to your Account Manager today for more information.

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