Trend Report: 1970's Chic Elegance meets Modern Day

Slim Aarons meets modern-day Gucci bringing chic, sprightly elegance to the runway and into our closets.

Slim Aarons, known for epitomizing the glamour of the 20th century, has been brought to life in 2020. With the world completely transformed over the past year, fashion has pivoted towards a more cheerful and hopeful message with their design. The runway has seen a surge of bright colors and prints that are reminiscent of Slim Aarons aesthetic with modern day Gucci's glamour and innovation.

Slim Aarons Meets Gucci

The 1970's was a decade of freedom, exploration, and whimsical design. Unsurprisingly, designers continuously find inspiration from this iconic era when a world of possibilities was represented in fashion and culture.This trend is marked by unexpected combinations of color, texture, and pattern that creates an easy yet sophisticated look. 

Here we highlight the ways that Gucci has drawn inspiration from Iconic photographer, Slim Aarons. 







Looking Forward

The time spent indoors has left us with an opportunity for reflection and has put us in a space to make our own decisions on what we value and how we want to define ourselves. Fashion is sending a beautiful message that is being embraced by the consumer. One that points to a brighter tomorrow where consumers define what they want to wear and how they want to combine it. 

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Tommy Fazio

Tommy Fazio is a senior fashion executive with a unique combination of business and creative expertise who is currently leading the Fashion vertical at NuORDER, the leading wholesale eCommerce platform. Previously, Tommy led over 18 trade shows a year as President of Men's and Women's Wear at UBM Avanstar Magic (now Informa) and served as Men's Fashion Director at majors such as Bergdorf Goodman and Nordstrom.