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Looking for sales order software to help you keep track of purchases? Here are some of the essential benefits offered by the best software solutions, top features to look for, and more.

The best sales order software helps you manage so much more, so you can upgrade your B2B eCommerce business with the speed, convenience, and accuracy of a consumer-facing site. 

Read on to learn:

  • The essentials of sales order software
  • Top features 
  • How to use it to elevate your business
  • How to improve virtual and hybrid sales 

What is sales order software?

Sales order software is a solution that offers real-time, accurate inventory insights so you can manage and track orders. It integrates with key systems such as shipping, accounting, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. 

The best sales order management software is easy to use for you and your customers so buyers can purchase exactly what they want – when they want it, knowing your inventory, pricing, and product information is always up to date. And even though they’re straightforward and intuitive, they come with 24/7 support every day of the year, and offer key extras like dedicated success managers who stay attuned to your business’ needs and robust resource libraries. The best solutions also allow you to work across departments and systems with ease for more effective collaboration– within your company and with wholesale partners alike. Choose sales order software as an end-to-end solution, covering your needs from planning for production and design to merchandising and marketing. 

Top sales order software features 

The best sales order software solutions offer features that go the extra mile to help you run your business better. 

Here are some top features to seek out: 

Mobile access: The best solutions offer mobile access for on-the-go sales reps so you can work and save information– whether you’re online or not. For example, NuORDER has apps for iPhones and iPads. It also allows you to save and share order drafts. These features are perfect for market appointments and other out-of-office occasions.

Savvy sales tools: Tools like customizable linesheets allow you to tailor the buying experience for different retailers. You can use them to present special data-backed assortments to specific buyers or to offer exclusive items to certain stores. Meanwhile, sophisticated whiteboard tools improve buyer-brand collaboration and help both buyers and brands visualize assortments and work more efficiently within their own teams.

Rich insights and reporting: Look for a sales order software solution that allows you to collect ever-important data. The right reporting tools and insights can help you track past performance, identify bestsellers and trends, improve assortment planning and product development, reduce waste and identify opportunities to increase future sales.

Payments support: Work better with clients around the globe with a platform that supports multiple currencies and languages. Some sales order management software tools, including NuORDER, also goes as far as offering payments support. For instance, NuORDER offers instant financing and automatic shipping cost calculations at checkout, digital wallets for buyers, credit card payments, fast payouts and advanced security. 

Special filters: The best sales order solutions allow your clients to use filters to buy faster and with greater accuracy. For example, look for a solution with filters such as color, size, category, department, collection, season, delivery date and availability (i.e. immediate, future or pre-book). Your sales order software should be equipped to handle multiple delivery dates per order too. 

 Take your business to the next level

Save time and sell faster:
  • Save time spent toggling between different tools and systems.
  • Redirect time that would be spent on manual processes to make a bigger impact on your bottom line instead.
Save money:
  • Reduce or eliminate costly human error and disruptive backorder hurdles.
Enhance your professionalism:
  • Retailers are used to working with savvy e-commerce sites and digital tools. Offer a B2B sales experience that matches their expectations.
  • Stay organized and maintain an immaculate record of appointments, orders and special buyer requests.
Sell 24/7:
  • Sell around the clock to clients around the world, thanks to real-time inventory management.
  • When buyers purchase on their own time it can lead to higher sales, including higher average order value (AOV) and repeat, in-season orders. 
  • Encourage prospective clients to give your brand a try with the ability to place one-off orders.
Streamline your business: 
  • Manage and organize sales, accounting, fulfillment and customer relationship management (CRM) in one place.
Improve your inventory: 
  • Leverage better inventory insights to reorder high-performing SKUs on time.
Seamlessly integrate with key systems:
  • Reliably integrate your sales order software with all of the systems you need. For example, NuORDER offers two-way sync to over 100 integrations, including NetSuite, SAP, Oracle, ApparelMagic, QuickBooks and Shopify.

Pro Tip: Dive deeper into sales strategy.

Enhance virtual and hybrid selling  

The best sales order software solutions help you grow your business across multiple channels; this is essential in today’s world of virtual and hybrid sales.

Let’s use the NuORDER platform as an example.

They host digital trade shows, connecting retailers and brands while enhancing the virtual sales experience. Brands can showcase their products with digital catalogs, personalized linesheets, special marketing, brand assets, and more. Meanwhile, all transactions are processed and managed seamlessly with the platform’s sales order software functionality. Their global trade show and fashion week partners include MICAM Milano, Choose France, Virtual SwimShow, New York Fashion Week and Milano Fashion Week.

Then there’s the virtual showroom experience. Brands can use NuORDER’s virtual showroom technology to create digital B2B eCommerce hubs within the platform. It allows brands to upload assets and customize with ease thanks to features like drag-and-drop functionality. Buyers are immersed into the worlds of their collections and brands with engaging videos augmented with shoppable tags, fully-zoomable 360°and 3D images, linesheets, catalogs, campaign material, press, color palettes, inspiration, and more. Brands can also upload other customer essentials, including international sizing charts and fit guides.

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