NuORDER Stands Against Racism, Violence & Hate

We've taken action and will continue to prioritize initiatives that foster necessary change within our community.

Dear Clients, Partners, and Team Members Across the Globe,

The recent events involving our black community is yet another stark reminder that we have much work to do in creating a more just and equitable world.

We absolutely do not tolerate racism, but we recognize that as a company, we have not been proactive in driving enough change. We are committed to dedicating more of our time and energy to drive change within our company, the communities we work in, and the industries we support. 

We are big believers that this is a lot more than just the words we put out there, but it’s the actions we put in place that will help set the tone and provide the best example that we can be whilst fundamentally creating positive change.

There is a great quote from the brilliant and inspiring poet, Dr. Maya Angelou, that we feel perfectly describes the moment we find ourselves in:

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”


So we’re going to do better. Here are some of the initiatives we’ve started:


There are many outstanding organizations dedicated to racial justice that can always use more resources. We’ve made personal donations, and as a company to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. We encourage those (who can) to continue the regular support of those organizations who are enacting real change.

Industry Support

We’ve recently partnered with Informa to launch their trade shows in September on NuORDER this year. As a part of this partnership, together we will be supporting a number of BIPOC-owned start-up brands at no cost to showcase their businesses at any of the participating trade shows (Coterie, MAGIC, etc etc). In addition to eliminating any financial obligations, we will market and support these brands to help kick start their businesses so they have the platform to grow and thrive in this current challenging environment.


We must endeavor to do things differently.  We know we can do a better job. We will be making changes at NuORDER, looking more closely at our talent acquisition strategy, employee training, and community and industry support opportunities.

We want and need to do more and this is just the beginning of a number of initiatives that we are prioritizing in order to move the country forward and help those who have been unfairly treated or discriminated against – something we will never stand for.

We understand that as a global platform with a huge network of brands and retail partners, we have a responsibility and opportunity to be a meaningful voice and instigator for positive change for the Black Lives Matter movement and we are committed today, tomorrow and the future to learn, grow, be uncomfortable and push forward to build a stronger community where we all stand by each other and love one another.

We are all in this together

Olivia, Heath & the NuORDER team

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