Nuorder Is Proud to Announce Its Exclusive Retail Partnership With Saks Fifth Avenue

Learn more about the exclusive partnership between Saks Fifth Avenue and NuORDER to digitize their buying and merchandising operation.

Saks Fifth Avenue, continuing with their mission as a premier luxury destination, has launched an exclusive partnership with NuORDER to digitize their buying and merchandising operations. This partnership will enable Saks Fifth Avenue to more strategically work with its brands to bring processes online. Saks Fifth Avenue’s commitment to digital solutions will deliver high visibility into assortment planning and optimizing order refinement.  

The buyer’s role has never been more complex than during this time when circumstances are demanding that retailers and their vendors move to online processes. Retail buyers are expected to play the role of marketer, event coordinator, and creative visionary. Simply put, the manual buying process that has gone unexamined for decades no longer serves the buyer in an evolving luxury retail market. 

Historically, the retail buying process has been manual with most orders still being done on pen and paper. This has meant that most buyers have limited visibility into purchases, which has created a trickle-down effect on other areas of business, such as making cross-functional collaboration difficult and impeding more strategic and unified assortment planning. 

The traditional model has meant that buyers are practically purchasing assortments blind with very little alignment into what their other team members are curating. This leaves the in-store experience vulnerable to feeling out-of-touch with what the customer wants and needs. 

Through NuORDER’s exclusive retail partnership, our mission is to reshape the luxury retail buying process across the industry so that the pain points caused by manual, laborious, and error-prone tasks are eliminated. 

It certainly does change our buying culture...It digitizes our buying process in a visual way, in real time. We can actually see what our assortments look like, right down to the store level, in real time. There’s a huge time savings. NuOrder greatly improves our efficiency by collaborating with vendors more quickly and also by getting the products to our storesfaster.


This will be a monumental shift and opportunity for brands and retailers to prioritize innovation and push fashion to the forefront of every decision they make by giving their organization more time to do the things they love most: creating the best products and assortments for their customers. 

This digital platform will help deepen Saks Fifth’s relationships with their brands and create a more standardized and evolved model for wholesale. 

Reimagine Wholesale for Your Business



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