Nordstrom's New NYC Store Opening is Pioneering Retail

Nordstrom's New NYC Store Opening is Pioneering Retail

Nordstrom’s new store opening in New York City is redefining the meaning of flagship. On Thursday, October 24th 2019, Nordstrom is opening their doors to the public and introducing a store designed exclusively for the modern shopper.  The new 363,300-square-foot palatial store will be located on 57th Street near Columbus Circle and is meant to serve local New Yorkers as well as attract potential world-wide visiting customers. 

The newly designed store will include first-of-its-kind features, such as one-stop shop beauty services that include a dry bar, airbrush tanning, facials, and AR enhanced services. The flagship will also promote brand exclusives with major deals that include Nike, Burberry, and Christian Louboutin. These exclusive partnerships will showcase designs meant just for Nordstrom shoppers and provide highly-immersive shopping experiences. 

The President of Nordstrom has reiterated, however, that exclusivity isn’t the main value proposition they want to provide to their shoppers. He noted that at the end of the day, Nordstrom first and foremost is committed to providing the best customer service in the retail space and believes that technology is the bridge to happy customers. 

A New Meaning to Customer Service

This is where their new flagship store will excel--as it was built with digital first innovation in mind. Nordstrom executives wanted to mimic the way that people live their lives today and have in turn birthed a truly innovative technological space. 

Retail is in a state of grand metamorphosis and Nordstrom intends to pioneer the future of retail by quickly reacting and “editing” their stores based on customer reception. This agile model of selling means that their brand partnerships will also have to evolve. This is where NuORDER serves to aid the growth and evolution of Nordstrom. 

Innovating the Wholesale Process

NuORDER, an eCommerce platform, enables Nordstrom and their supplier brands to leverage a digital solution that allows for collaboration, assortment selection, and enhanced visibility into product--expediting and enhancing the wholesale process.

This visual merchandising tool empowers brands to digitally showcase their products and personalize their presentation to Nordstrom buyers to better market themselves and promote themes, products, and collections. 

With a commitment to innovation, the strategic partnership between NuORDER and Nordstrom continues to pave the path for a smarter wholesale process and in turn enhances the customer retail experience.

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