Webinar: What Wholesale Can Learn From Digital-First Brands with Jen Powell

Learn how you can leveraging influencer marketing to amplify your wholesale business today.

In our latest webinar, we are joined by Jen Powell, CEO of Jen Powell Inc., one of the biggest fashion influencer agencies in the world, and Tommy Fazio, NuORDER’s resident Fashion Director, who previously held roles at UBM Advanstar, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, and Calvin Klein.

Join them as they discuss key insights about social platforms, social selling, influencer marketing, and what wholesale can learn from it all. Read below for a brief overview of some of the topics covered.

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The benefits of social selling

Influencer marketing heavily focuses on social selling as a means to generate awareness and sales for brands. What is social selling? Opposed to a sales first approach, social selling instead focuses on placing the consumer, product, and storytelling first as a means of building relationships.

For example, brands may adapt their content and Influencer partnerships to encourage and inspire their community based on what’s relatable instead of trying to push sales.

These communities show retail partners what your brand has to offer, and the investment your audience has in your brand story.

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Engaging across multiple platforms

As we continue to stay-at-home, new points of contact with consumers have sprouted up across the internet. While Instagram and Facebook might first come to mind as the reigning platforms for connecting, alternatives like LinkedIn and Tik-Tok have their own strengths which should be explored as options for your brand. For instance, LinkedIn employees interact 10x more with the platform in comparison to all other social media platforms, making it a compelling place for B2B interactions.

When it comes to figuring which platform will work best for you, Jen suggests reaching out to your audience and asking them what they would like directly, and where they spend their time online. Stay in touch with your consumers, influencers, and build a cohesive brand narrative that gives them the sense that they’re a part of the process. 

Identifying the best influencers for your brand

When it comes to starting the conversation with an influencer you’re interested in, she states that both direct messaging or contacting their agents are appropriate options. From there, payment scales can vary on the type of post and number of followers. When it comes to identifying which type of post is the best fit for your brand, Jen suggests taking a look at the influencer’s analytics. Instagram stories can be a good place to test out promotional campaigns due to their easy visibility into user engagement by measuring the number of users who “Swipe Up”.

For more information on how your brand can leverage influencer marketing, be sure to watch the full webinar available here.

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