Dive Into Our New Partner Program with NuORDER Channel Manager Joost Onderwaater

Help build world-class commerce experiences and grow your bottom line by joining our Partner Program today.

We’re excited to announce our new Partnership Program, where our partners can generate new revenue streams, provide the latest in B2B tech to their clients, and receive training to become B2B experts.

Learn more in this interview with Joost Onderwaater, Channel Manager here at NuORDER:

With over 8 years of experience in building successful partnerships for B2B software, Onderwaater trained local companies in Europe and equipped them with the tools to make sales, provide support, and support their client's B2B needs. 

"Collaboration and strategic partnerships are essential for improving business results. Layered in with our innovative partner ecosystem, the Partnership Program makes way for exciting new opportunities." 


Who are some examples of partners we're looking for?

If you're a system integrator, fashion consultant, technology vendor, showroom, or agency, to name a few, this program is for you. We're looking for partners to help us offer the world's best brands a top-tier commerce experience and ultimately grow their bottom line.

Partners may have varying levels of involvement in terms of implementation, maintenance, and support for their brand clients utilizing NuORDER. Some partners may just be looking to provide referrals or resell NuORDER as a one-off, while others are looking for more of a hands-on and long-term relationship with brands.

You can find a complete description of Referral Partners, Reseller Partners, Service Partners, and Support Partners here.

So what's in it for our partners?

As mentioned earlier, partners in the program will benefit from additional reoccurring revenue streams and sharing the latest in B2B tech to be more competitive in their market.

Here are a few examples of potential revenue streams:

  • % of initial platform sale 
  • % of reoccurring platform ARR
  • Implementation fees
  • On-going product support fees 

All while keeping your business competitive by offering the latest in B2B wholesale technology to brand clients.

But even more, we're equipping our partners with the training and resources they need to be successful. This includes a technical training program, a dedicated partnership manager, and a partner directory listing to name a few. 

How do brands benefit from the Partnership Program?

Brands benefit in several ways by onboarding to NuORDER via the Partnership Program.

Brands still want to meet and build trust face-to-face before making an investment. The Partnership Program expands and localizes NuORDER's in-person reach globally, giving brands more ways to connect with partners and learn about and implement NuORDER. This also expands support for even more languages.

For brands with existing IT Partnerships and complex IT systems, NuORDER can be implemented with existing services by partners in the program. This means brands can keep working with the IT Partners they know and trust, while still adding on essential B2B tech.


With the Partnership Program, more brands globally will have access and confidence in implementing NuORDER by Lightspeed. Our partners make this possible while also becoming more competitive and increasing revenue streams. Brands can gain direct, in-person support, or work with their trusted consultants, integrators, IT provider, or showrooms.

We're excited to equip partners with the resources they need to be successful and enable more brands with a better way to do wholesale.

Prospective partners can learn more about the NuORDER by Lightspeed Partner Program and apply by clicking here.

Become a partner and grow your wholesale business.



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