Custom vs. Plug n' Play Integration with Shopify

Custom or plug n' play integration? Learn the differences and the benefits of working with NuORDER to help you integrate eCommerce platforms like Shopify.

Integrations are the cornerstone of your business. They make all of your essential software work together seamlessly to streamline your workflow and ultimately help you reach more customers. But integrating with other software can be difficult. 

In this blog, we cover the ins and outs of why a custom integration is the right choice for your brand to integrate your other B2B tools seamlessly with eCommerce platforms like Shopify. 

What is a custom integration?

Simply put, a custom integration means building a custom software solution that is specific to your exact use case when needing to shuffle data from one database to another.

Differences between a plug n’ play integration vs a custom integration

An alternative integration type to consider is plug-and-play, an idea that an integration between two different platforms will be handled and completed without intervention, in other words, your software will integrate as soon as they are connected. 

While plug n' play may be touted as the newest, fastest mode of software integrations, it’s a bit misleading. Integrations still require some code writing at both ends to export and import data and without a skilled team of specialists necessary to resolve any integration issues, you are at a disadvantage. 

The advantage of the custom integration approach is that a specialized team can do custom mapping based on your setup with your eCommerce platforms like Shopify. This will reduce support issues post-launch. The last thing you want is to be prepping for market and find that the integration isn’t working as expected. 

Integration with NuORDER

We’ve completed over a thousand successful integrations with industry-leading ERPs, PLMs, and eCommerce platforms, and with us, you’ll have access to an experienced  integration team that is trained to map custom and standard fields from your existing tech stack into NuORDER's flexible data model. 

About our Shopify Integration

Shopify can be connected to NuORDER through an API integration; NuORDER will send API requests using Shopify's API and the responses returned will update the data in NuORDER.

Our Shopify integration services include: 

  • Real-time syncing of products, customers, images, inventory, order details, and customer-specific pricing rules between NuORDER and Shopify. 
  • An Integration Consultant who will be your Integration Project point person to manage the project and guide you through the rollout from start to finish.
  • A fully developed integration built to support both standard and custom Shopify data fields.


By integrating with your B2B eCommerce software, businesses gain access to valuable, up-to-date information about diverse areas important to the success of their operations and growth. Because the process can come with many roadblocks, it's integral to your success to have a specialized and supportive team with you every step of the way. NuORDER is here to support your integration needs so your brand can get back to selling as swiftly and seamlessly as possible.

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