The Unexpected Way Kendra Scott Transformed Its Wholesale Business

Learn how this billion-dollar jewelry company used NuORDER to transform its wholesale operations by taking a unique approach to its managing orders.

Billion-dollar jewelry brand Kendra Scott has a lot to manage when it comes to orders. They had the unique challenge of finding a more efficient way to distribute influencer marketing promotions on top of their sizable wholesale operations, so they got creative.

In this post, preview our Kendra Scott Case Study and uncover the unexpected solution they found.

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The search for a better way to do wholesale

You probably know someone who still manages a huge wholesale catalog through an Excel spreadsheet (maybe it's you!). 

While this might have been the to-go method a few years ago, our industry is rapidly adopting smarter buying and selling tools.

With over 600+ wholesale accounts being managed in Excel spreadsheets, Kendra Scott was no exception to needing an overhaul to meet the demands of their growing business.

In addition, they also needed a solution for managing their strategic influencer marketing partnership.

An unexpected solution to an unusual challenge

So, not only did the Kendra Scott sales team need a system to power their wholesale operations, but the marketing team also needed a solution for analyzing and tracking their influencer marketing program.

We're happy to report they found the solution to both of these challenges through a never before seen use of the NuORDER platform.

We've compiled their success story into a free ebook, which you can find here: Download the Kendra Scott Case Study or by clicking below.

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