French Connection Success Story: Moving B2B Platforms to NuORDER

When French Connection moved from its previous B2B platform to NuORDER, they saw better quality leads, increased revenue and efficiency. Read their success story here.

French Connection is a global manufacturer of clothing, accessories and homeware that distributes through its own stores in the UK, US and Canada as well as franchise and wholesale arrangements globally.

While French Connection onboarded its first B2B platform in 2013, they soon realized it fell short in a few major ways. French Connection turned to NuORDER for more advanced reporting capabilities, better quality leads and attentive customer support to help grow their revenue and increase efficiency.

Results Highlights:

  • Visibility into best sellers, most drafted styles and which accounts are missing out
  • Sending and tracking personalized email campaigns to sell deeper into accounts
  • Increase in account volume at trade shows +40.3% over last year

"Overall, NuORDER has created a better experience for our customers and I think that has them coming back - knowing that it's going to be a smooth appointment at the French Connection booth because they're working with NuORDER."

To learn more on how NuORDER helped French Connection take their wholesale to the next level, click here.

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