At Home Show Down: Who’s Wearing What at Home?

Here are the winning looks from our @NuORDER Instagram polls on WFH fashion.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been running some fashion polls from our Instagram account (@NuOrder). We asked our followers to vote between styles and let them be the judge of their favorite WFH fashion. Below, we've compiled the winning looks for your stay-at-home viewing pleasure:

Loungewear 57% vs Workwear 43%
Winner: Loungewear

(Credit: @cellajaneblog)

Barefoot 54% vs Fuzzy Slippers 46%
Winner: Barefoot

(Credit: @laurenkaysims)

Pajamas 18% vs Sweatsuit 82%
Winner: Sweatsuit

(Credit: @chiaraferragni)

Overalls 38% vs Wide-Legged Pants 62%
Winner: Wide-Legged Pants

(Credit: @cutenlittle)

Bold Hues 46% vs Neutrals 54%
Winner: Neutrals

(Credit: @jesswithless)

Dressed Up 21% vs Dressed Down 79%
Winner: Dressed Down

(Credit: @TheSisterStudioIG)

Jeans 19% vs Sweats 81%
Winner: Sweats

(Credit: @lollie_collection)

Dark Hues 70% vs Light Hues 30%
Winner: Dark Hues

(Credit:  @thatgirlyursa)

Tie-Dye 78% vs Floral 22%
Winner: Tie-Dye

(Credit: @claire_rene_ )

Bucket Hat 20% vs Beanie 80%
Winner: Beanie

(Credit: @laurenhannahspepherd

Matching Set 62% vs Mix-Match 38%
Winner: Matching Set

(Credit: @jen_weatherall

Bath Robe 81% vs Pajamas 19%
Winner: Bath Robe

(Credit: @floortjeloves)

Suits 24% vs Sweatsuits 76%
Winner: Sweatsuits

(Credit: @sa_obrien)

Jeans 58% vs Trousers 42%
Winner: Jeans

(Credit: @kubicka_monika_)

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