4 Ways To Improve Your Brand's Merchandise Packaging

The thoughtful implementation of color, sustainable materials, and unique but simple packaging, leaves a memorable impression of merchandise. Use our 4 tips on developing your brand packaging.

Product packaging is an important first step in building brand equity among consumers. There is a split second to catch the attention of a potential buyer browsing a retail space, and creating an enticing packaging solution is an excellent way to tell your story and ultimately make more sales. The thoughtful implementation of color, sustainable materials, and unique but simple packaging, are a few key points that a brand can use to leave a memorable impression of their product on customers. For tips to consider when developing your brand packaging, keep reading below.

Color Selection

There is a notable connection between color and your buyer’s perception of your brand. One study found “that 62-90 percent of persons' assessments and evaluations are based on colors alone”, making the color selection of your packaging color vital in making a strong impression on your target audience. Beyond just primary colors be sure to look into specific shades and tones as “…brightness and saturation had substantially greater effects on emotions than hue”  (Rider, 2009, pg. 7).

Examples: Tiffany’s iconic baby blue, Nike’s poppy neon orange 

Think Eco-Friendly

A survey conducted by Dotcom Distribution found that “52% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant that delivers in "thoughtful packaging" and over 40% said it makes them more likely to share a product image or video on social media”, illustrating the that selecting an eco-friendly packaging option is important for not only environmental reasons but also because many shoppers are equally as conscious about where materials are sourced for their purchases. 

Companies with Eco-Friendly Packaging Options: Tetra Pak, Eco-Products, Lickalix, CanO Water, Smol

Brand Differentiation & Recognition 

If you have competing brands in your vertical, see how they package and how you can alter your packaging to overcome brand parity. Think about the factors that make your brand different and how you can incorporate some of those elements when developing your packaging. Research shows that 86% of buyers find that brand image has an impact on their buying process, and your packaging plays a significant role in how that image is formed. 

Keep It Simple 

Ease of use is important when developing a package design, and the demand for easier to open products is still growing. Think about how you can convey the clearest message in the simplest, yet bold way that helps to ensure making a lasting impact on your buyers. 

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