The 3D Tech That’s Taking Wholesale To The Next Level

Learn more about replacing physical prototypes and samples with lifelike 3D product renderings that give buyers the ability to explore products from all angles.

From ideation to production to sales, 3D modeling enables brands to offer their buyers an enhanced buying experience. In this post, we'll be breaking down what 3D modeling is, how it differs from 360° Imagery, and how it can benefit your wholesale business.

The Move To A Digital Process

From ideation to distribution, the wholesale process is being digitized from beginning to end. With 3D modeling, that beginning step of that process can now be digitized with many great benefits.

So, why is the industry leaning towards 3D modeling?

  • One-off samples are costly to produce and ship
  • The process of concept to sales in-store is being streamlined
  • Implementing more sustainable business practices wherever possible
  • Cost - reduces photography costs and set-up time

What is 3D Modeling?

3D modeling enables brands to use software to create computer-generated renderings of products. These images can be zoomed in and rotated by any angle. There are no size limitations when creating renderings, for those odd or larger products that would be difficult to photograph via 360° imagery.

When it comes to sustainability and practicality, 3D modeling removes the need to create a physical sample or prototype ahead of assessing the product's demand.


3D Renderings vs 360° Imagery

You might be thinking, how does 360° Imagery compare to 3D renderings? Well, when it comes to ease of implementation, functionality, and user interaction, 3D renderings have the upper hand in several areas.

First and foremost, 360° Imagery requires that physical samples or prototypes be made. With the growing footprint of manufacturing within the wholesale and retail space, creating and shipping numerous samples quickly becomes a costly expenditure for the environment.

3D alleviates these pressures by providing in-depth and highly accurate renderings that reduce waste, save time, and save money.

360° Imagery is also restricted to products of a certain size or shape that must be able to fit on a turntable. As we mentioned earlier, 3D has no size limitations, allowing for free creative ideation without the restrictions.

For buyers, 360 also limits the view to a single axis instead of 3D's limitless angles and zoom-in capabilities.

Blog_3DProduct_inbody_360So, what can 3D do for your wholesale business?

3D enables:

  • An immersive and engaging buyer shopping experience from all angles
  • Upgraded visuals on your B2B homepage via interactive 3D widgets
  • 3D Showrooms that mimic the experience of "real" showrooms
  • A streamlined production process that reduces costs of physical product photography and samples

Ready to bring your wholesale business to the next level? Learn more about 3D products by speaking with a B2B sales expert today, or by clicking below.

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