3 Tips You Shouldn’t Miss From Our Top Sales Webinars

Read on for access to clips from our exclusive webinars featuring tips from the industry's top performers.

NuORDER has run over 200 webinars in the past 12 months partnering with top performers in the fashion industry to share best practices, tips, industry reaction to current events, and future projections. While many of these webinars are public, some are only available to our valued clientele whom we provide with ongoing eLearning support and resources. 

In this article, we’ll share the top tips from some of our favorite webinars with you, no subscription required!

Tip 1 - Build a Community Around Your Brand (Online)

Simply put, consumers make the brand. A pivotal tool in growing your brand is keeping your finger on the pulse of what your audiences want and need. Social listening allows you to make decisions to deliver on those desires and share valuable information. Jennifer Powell, CEO and Founder of Jennifer Powell Inc., influencer talent agency, shares tips on how best to engage with consumers on socials. 

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Tip 2 - Customize Your Virtual Selling Experience

As the old adage goes, presentation is everything. Virtual selling allows you to create a customizable selling experience while reducing room for error and making it easier for buyers to navigate your assortments. Tune in to the clip below to learn virtual selling best practices with Courtney Chapman, NuORDER’s Creative Solutions Consultant.


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Tip 3 - Choosing the Best Digital Platform for your one-stop B2B eCommerce solution

On to our last tip, but definitely not the least. Streamline digital selling by having all of your solutions in one place. Learn more about how the right B2B eCommerce platform can provide all of your industry cycle needs with Chelsie Frieze, Head of Global Team and Customer Success at NuORDER. 

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As a Bonus Tip, here are three reasons why NuORDER is the best choice for your Digital B2B eCommerce solution. 

            1. NuORDER offers seamless integrations with over 100+ enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs).
            2. Our linesheets are customizable and easy to use with our drag-n-drop feature. 
            3. We’ve partnered with the world’s best retailers, trade events, and eCommerce technology companies. As a result, our exclusive retail partnership program helps brands grow and succeed with a more collaborative and streamlined market process.

Convinced that NuORDER is the right B2B eCommerce platform for you? We agree. Request a demo with our experts to learn how you can boost your sales by 17% and sell 33% faster. 

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